Awnings, Shades, Screens and Marine

No matter the size of your awning shop, Miller Weldmaster has a machine that will weld and seal your awnings. Our awning welding machines are suited for acrylic and PVC awning and can increase productivity and efficiency in any operation. Explore our awning welding machines below.

Miller Weldmaster machines serve a lot of purposes in a lot of manufacturing operations. If you’re not sure what type of machine you’re looking for, try our quick quiz to narrow the options down.

Why use a Miller Weldmaster Awning Welder?

Miller Weldmaster is a leading creator of plastic welding solutions across a broad spectrum of manufacturing industries. Our machines are backed with a long history of industry knowledge, as well as a commitment to continued research and improvement on our operation.

We’ve had particular success in the awning industry when it comes to helping industries upgrade their equipment and move into the automated age. For example, we partnered with Berges Trenton Awning to create a seaming solution that was more modern than their previous method – using sewing machines from the early 1900s. Read more about our successful partnership!

Triad Extreme Awning

Small but powerful awning welder for efficient production

This small, portable awning welder machine comes fully assembled and ready to weld awnings, blinds and shades either stationary or traveling on table top track.

T300 Extreme Shade

A COMPLETE shade and awning solution

This is a simple operating welder for welding PVC or acrylic shades, awnings and structures. Use hot air or hot wedge for optimal versatility for any awning application.

T600 Extreme Shade

A COMPLETE shade and awning solution

Effortless operating welder for welding PVC or  acrylic shades, awnings and structures with additional fabric handling support. Its heavy duty construction allows for the toughest jobs.

Impulse Extreme

Weld a DYNAMIC range of technical textiles

A water cooled impulse technology welder for a versatile product range. Precise, accurate and easy to use with a single operator the Impulse Extreme is designed with upper and lower welding bars for consistent heat and flat seams.



Built to Create Strong Seams for Awnings, Shades, Digital Textiles and More

Custom formulated, advanced adhesive technology allows the SeamSTRONG to produce the strongest seams in the industry. The SeamSTRONG provides a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and flexible seam for the production of awnings, digital textiles, advanced technical textiles and military applications.


Need more information about our awning welding and seaming solutions? Contact us today and find out how Miller Weldmaster’s machines can automate your operation and amplify your awning production’s efficiency.

M100 Single Panel

SINGLE Layer with rope and hem on each edge

Designed to unwind both material and rope while simultaneously welding both outside edges. With a tension controlled accumulator production is continuous with a accurate product cut to length.