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Tent Welding Machines and Heat-Sealing Equipment

Miller Weldmaster manufactures a variety of heat-sealing equipment for the following: 

  • Production of tent sidewall panels
  • Welding keder to connect to sidewalls
  • Welding hems for grommets on tent sidewalls
  • Welding hips for the tops of tents
  • And, more

We will provide a complete tent welder solution for tent manufacture, and can design a completely automated tent welding machine to fit your specific tent production needs. 

Contact us for help choosing the right tent welder for your application.


Applications that Use Tent Welders

There are many applications that use tent welders and some of these include:

  • Keder welding
  • Welding tent panels
  • Party tent welding

Explore the storied history of tents from pre-historic times to modern day camping.


Tent Welding Machines


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