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112 Extreme Overview


The 112 Extreme is a hot air welding machine with a larger breadth of production capabilities. In addition, this hot air welder is easier for the operator to use. With precision-controlled welding parameters, easy recall settings and an ergonomic design, the 112 Extreme hot air welding equipment is built to take production and efficiency to the next level.


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  • 112 Extreme Easy Slide Grommet hot air welding machine
  • 112 Extreme hot air welding machine
  • Rear view of 112 Extreme hot air welding machine
  • 112 Extreme hot air welding head
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Features, Functions, & Benefits

  • Can be built to various lengths to fit any company size, application or printer specification
  • Easy operation with our new touch 'Seam Screen.' It allows users to digitally control all welding parameters with 25 memory settings
  • Guides and accessories to weld hems, overlaps, hem with rope, backlit, webbing...
  • Capable of welding speeds up to 20 meters per minute
  • Welds PVC, PE,PU and many more
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