Our Buying Process

You’ve found the machine your business needs to improve your production, now what?

There are several steps to the buying process you will go through to complete your purchase. At Miller Weldmaster, we are dedicated to helping you choose the right machine , increase your production, decrease inefficiencies and allow you to provide your customers with top of the line products. We provide you with expert advice and help you make the right decision for your company. We have helped thousands of customers just like you build, customize and purchase their heat seaming machine.

We recognize every customer is unique and has different buying expectations however, we do our best to ensure all of your needs are met.

Here is a little overview of what to expect in the process. 

Initial Conversation and Consultation

This is the first step to identify the best solution for your company. We ask a lot of questions and listen even more. We have many solutions to meet a wide range of products and want to ensure we have met your every need and addressed all of your production concerns.


Let us prove our technology will meet your demands!

We will complete samples to visually show you how our machines will produce your products. It is best when we are able to perform these samples with your actual material which you will be using in production. Regardless of the complexity we want to ensure you are confident in your final product.

Get a live demonstration and meet our team

We welcome all of our customers to visit one of our facilities where you will have the opportunity to meet our team, work with the welding machines and make your product on a demonstration machine.

Select a location and work with your sales representative to schedule your visit. We will help you with all arrangements as needed while visiting.

Learn more about our multiple locations

Download our interactive PDF with directions and hotel recommendations to our headquarters in Navarre, Ohio.


Determine how much you have to spend on your capital expense

We recognize this may be a big investment for your company therefore, we have taken every step to provide you with options, making your buying process easier.

Miler Weldmaster has partnered with JB2 Funding to provide you with an equipment financing option. Download the financing form and submit directly to JB2 Funding. JB2 Funding offers Flexible equipment leasing and financing programs that make acquiring the equipment you need fast and easy. These programs are designed to focus on your needs, whether you are a small emerging company or a “Fortune 1000” company.

For more information on JB2 Funding visit

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Time to review your quotation!

We take your investment in Miller Weldmaster seriously. After understanding your needs and talking through every step of your production process, we will present a solution that meets your needs, addresses your budget concerns and improves your end product quality.

Let us show your operators how it works!

We will work closely with your staff to ensure we don’t interrupt your current production. Our average field engineer has over 100 installs performed. Each one of them will show your team how to use your new Miller Weldmaster to make your product. Usually, you will be making usable products that day.

It doesn’t end there…

We will follow up with you to ensure you are using your welder to its intended capacity. After you familiarize yourself with your new machine, you may have additional questions and we are here to answer them.

Do you still have questions? You can contact us at 1-855-888-WELD.

Let’s get you started! Contact us today!

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