Automated Sewing, Hot Air Welding

CIPP Single or Double Layer

Single or Double Layer System for Cured-in-Place Pipeline and Tubing

The Single layer or Double layer systems will weld a roll of fabric into a rehabilitation tube and apply tape with hot air on top of the sewn seam, making the pipeline seam waterproof. The machine is capable of welding or sewing two layers of fabric simultaneously: one layer of non-woven felt on the inside and one layer of coated felt on the outside. The coated felt layer can be coated with PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene or Polypropylene. This machine can weld or sew both layers, tack welds layers together all automatically inline simultaneously, saving time improving consistency and increasing quality.
Best For:
  • Cured In Place Pipeline
Seam Type:
  • Butt Seam Butt Seam
  • Coverstrip Coverstrip
  • Flat Seam Tube Flat Seam Tube
  • Multi Roll Multi Roll
  • Sewn Seam Sewn Seam
  • Tube Tube
Features & Options

Features & Benefits

  • Unwinds configured to accommodate single or double layers
  • Adjustable tube forming guides for multiple sewn diameter tubes
  • Outboard pullers for flattening tube and reduced material handling
  • Incline conveyor allowing CIPP tube to be fan-folded in preparation to ship
  • Custom designed to your exact requirements

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  • Training Videos
Two Layer Automated Cured in Place Pipeline Machine - Moduline
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CIPP Automatic & Efficient Double Tube Sewing System
Automated Hot Air Welding CIPP - Cured In Place Welding Machine

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