High-Speed Banner Finishing Machine!

The HG 50 is a versatile high-speed banner finishing machine engineered for welding, grommeting, and cutting operations all within a single station. Designed for a one-person operation with continuous production, it eliminates multiple processes and minimizes material handling. This integration results in a significant increase in usable floor space and streamlines operations, optimizing efficiency and productivity for businesses.


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Outboard Puller

Ensures uniform tension and seamlessly synchronizes with the cutting system for optimal performance.

Intelligent Dual-Direction Cutting:

Optimized for exact cut-to-length functions, backed by sophisticated photo- sensing technology.

Grommet Machine

Integrated photo eyes guarantee precision in grommet positioning.

Compatible with both durable plastic and robust metal grommets.


Facilitates uninterrupted welding. Positioned at the top to enable seamless pass-through loading.

Fabric Edge Guide

Offers smooth and controlled material feed.  

Precision Unwinds

Offers smooth and controlled material feed.

The HG50 is the machine for a single operator to finish your banners!

Hot Air, Bi-Directional Cutter, and  Grommeting!

The HG50 combines all actions needed to finish a banner into one machine.  Weld your banner panels together, add either plastic or metal grommets, and then cut to your desired length.  Improve efficiency by eliminating material handling and flow of the finishing process.  


Heat is provided by compressed air blowing across electrical heat elements and is injected at the welding point.

Grommeting Hole Punching

Using either metal or plastic grommets, automatically place where you need them based on your finishing needs.  

Rotary Cutting

Bi-directional cutters automatically cut your sign banner to length once your welds and grommets are placed.  

What sizes is the HG50 available in?

The HG50 can accommodate roll widths up to 2.5 meters or 3.2 meters.  Both machines come with the same cutting and grommet functions, the only difference will be the size of the rolls you need to finish!

What is the welding cycle of the HG50?

The HG50 can weld up to 6.5 meters/minute or 21 feet/minute.  However, the speed of the machine will vary based on the placement and frequency of the grommets.  For example: if the grommets are spaced out and there are fewer, then it will be at 6.5 m/min.  If you have a bunch of grommets that need to be placed close together, it will be slower.  That is why Miller Weldmaster's HG50 is equipped with an accumulator.  This part of the machine helps to regulate the flow of the banner and keep the machine and banner moving consistently.  

How Does the HG50 Work?

The HG50 machine is an all-in-one solution for your large sign and banner finishing needs.  Combining 3 actions into one machine allows one operator to quickly finish multiple sides at once.  The HG50 starts with an unwind for reduced material handling, easily remove your printed banner from the roll and onto the machine.  The HG50 also comes equipped with an edging guide to ensure it remains in line with the welding machine. Ensuring a precise hem.  From there, the material moves through the hit air welding stage, hemming both sides of your banner at the same time!  Then, to help keep the material moving and consistent, the HG50 has a built-in accumulator.  This helps to regulate the flow of material as it enters the grommeting portion.  That is where the HG50 will automatically place your plastic or metal grommets at your desired location.  Then finally, with the help of the fabric puller, the banner moves through and is cut using our bi-directional cutter to cut your finished banner!

Learn How the HG50 Can Improve Your Production.

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