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Packaging & Sealing Welding Equipment

Bag Sealing, Box Making, And More Packaging Solutions

Packaging Systems, a division of Miller Weldmaster, specializes in manufacturing bag sealing and corrugated box making machines for a wide variety of industries. Read both in more detail below:

Bag Sealing Welding Solutions – Our bag sealing systems and machines meet the needs of numerous industries using Poly-woven and polypropylene bags. We build robust, dependable bagging and sealing machines for numerous industries and applications. Widely recognized in the industry, our packaging and poly bag sealer machines provide the quality, durability, reliability, innovation, and value you need for your manufacturing production or application. The following industries commonly use our poly and polypropylene bag sealers:

  • Agriculture and food
  • Animal feed and pet food
  • Chemicals and minerals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Building materials

Corrugated Box Making Solutions – We create the most versatile on-demand packaging solutions that will save you money and increase customer satisfaction. By bringing a box making machine in-house, you will create the exact size box you need, reduce empty space in your packaging, save on storage in your facility, reduce shipping costs, minimize damages and more! Gain versatility with on-demand packaging, plus no corrugated cardboard contracts!

  • Distribution / E-commerce
  • Print Marketing
  • Manufacturing Packaging
  • Furniture
  • Cabinetry

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The PS300 back seam sealer was designed and built as a poly-woven bag sealing machine, specializing in sealing poly-woven and thermoplastic bags with great precision and speed. The back seam sealer machine forms and closes bags into a tube form with an overlap seal. This automated poly-woven bag sealer can be easily integrated into new or existing bag lines.


Top-closing bag system built for SPEED

Designed specifically for single fold bags, the PS150 package top closing system is built for speed, efficiency and precision. This poly-woven bag top-closing machine seals any poly-woven, thermoplastic, or paper bags. The PS 150 bag top closing machine easily integrates into new or existing bag assembly lines.


No Corrugated Cardboard Contracts!

The BOXMAT HD is the newest heavy-duty corrugated box making system for highly demanding short-run manufacturing processes. This machine can be fully configurable to be used with manual feed, a printer, or a precision corrugated feeder. Select one of the 100 box styles saved and the machine will begin slotting, cutting, scoring, creasing, board trimming, die-cutting and gluing ALL IN ONE MACHINE!


Create Boxes On Demand!

The BOXMAT PRO is the most advanced and universal box making machine revolutionizing the short run and serial production process of corrugated cardboard boxes. Simply place your corrugated material on your automatic board feeder, choose a preprogrammed box style and enter the box dimensions on your touch screen panel and hit go. Slotting, slitting, scoring/creasing, gluing and printing can all be done in one quick pass on this compact machine – without the need for additional modules!

No Corrugated Cardboard Contracts!


Semi-Automatic Box Making Machine

The Boxmat 2 is designed for companies requiring in-house production of corrugated boxes and the flexibility of a quick box size change. Slitting, creasing, removing the excess board and glue flaps are all done in one pass on one compact machine without the need for additional modules. The Boxmat 2 makes boxes out of single or double-wall corrugated cardboard.


The Most Versatile Radio Frequency Machine

The RFlex stationary welder is the industry’s most versatile radio frequency welder available on the market. RFlex was designed for the production of tarpaulins, tents, truck tarps, high speed doors, and any other flexible Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or Polyurethane (PU) product. With enhanced features such as; a foldable trough for better material handling, a joy stick to accurately line up your material every time and autotuning for consistent welds, your production will be even more efficient and reliable.

RFlex Travel

Automated Traveling Radio Frequency Welder

The RFlex Travel is a radio frequency welder that is designed for the production of  tarpaulins, tents, truck tarps, high speed doors, and any other flexible Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or Polyurethane (PU) product. Line up your material with the lasers on the track, let the vacuum work table hold your material in place, press a button and let the travel head do the welding for you. Reliable and effortless production.