High-Powered Hot Air Hand Tool for all Industrial Fabrics

The EliteAIR is a versatile handheld welding tool for completing welds for hard to access seams on finished products. The EliteAIR can be used for air tight or water tight products, in-house repair work and in-the-field instant repairs of industrial fabrics.

This VERSATILE handheld welder will provide you with:

  1. Ability to reach hard to access seams
  2. Finish in-house or in-the-field patches or repairs on multiple products
  3. Make your seams airtight and watertight

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  1. Superior air flow for consistent and reliable welds
  2. Double insulated handle for in-field safety
  3. Air inlet protection reducing damage from dirt, dust and debris
  4. Easily removable air filter to ensure consistent air flow
  5. Simple stainless steel nozzle design for quick in-field change out
  6. Simple socket element house for quick change out of heat elements in the field

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This model is 120 volt and is ONLY available for purchase in the USA.

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