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Seamrover DD Industrial

The World’s ONLY Dual-Directional Hot Air Welder

The Seamrover DD’s dual direction and patent-pending hammerhead nozzle makes this new hot air welder the industry’s fastest and easiest to use. It is a reliable hot air welder build for welding overlaps, pockets and webbing with high speeds for long straight seams. By welding either forwards or backwards you are able to reduce welding time and increase seam visibility.

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Features and Benefits

  • Easy access nozzle swing to eliminate bending over when starting and stopping a weld
  • SD card slot for data recording of all key parameters for quality reporting and tracking
  • ONLY welder with forward or backwards operation for improved seam visibility
  • Evenly distributed, built- in weight plate to ensure consistent pressure for welds in either direction
  • Silicone or stainless steel weld rollers to accommodate any welding surface
  • Patent- Pending Hammerhead nozzle for the industry’s most consistent welds
  • Casters come with curve option for welding curves common in structures and covers
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Service & Training

We're committed to you and your business. The Miller Weldmaster service and resolution center is staffed with our field service engineers for fast response time.

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  1. A Miller Weldmaster certified field service engineer will contact you to schedule installation and training at your facility.
  2. We provide you with everything you need to know to get your team ready for installation and training.
  3. Your staff will receive extensive instruction on welding equipment operation and maintenance and how to produce your product.
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