T600 Extreme Shelter Tent Welder Machine

Make ANY size, tent or shelter

A heavy-duty tent welder for your large shelter production needs. Weld oversized fabric panels and finish edges using one machine. The T600 Extreme Shelter is ready for any tent or shelter application.

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T600 Extreme Shelter Tent Welder

Why a PVC Tent Welder?

A tent welding machine from Miller Weldmaster increases efficiency and standardizes the production of items using various PVC fabrics and materials. A PVC tent welding machine offers the following advantages:

  • Efficiency – High-speed production of array of tent and shelter welding applications
  • One-man operation – Easily producelarge panels without excessive employee oversight
  • Customizable – Changeout materials and seam type to meet your business needs
  • Versatile – One machine to weld, seam and finish a variety of PVC materials

What do people make with a PVC tent welder?

High-performing and versatile, a tent welder creates shelter panels, tarps, signs, covers and more using a variety of PVC materials. Transform your production cycle by using one machine, Miller Weldmaster’s T600 Extreme Shelter, to finish, seam and weld laminate, clear and coated PVC and PE/Polyethylene.


Handles Large Fabrics

Handles large industrial fabrics to make big jobs easier.

Welds PVC Materials

The T600 Extreme Shelter handles any job regardless of PVC material or seam.


T600 Tent Welder Features and Benefits

T600 Extreme Shelter Features and Benefits

  1. Touch screen operation with recipe storage for quick setting recall
  2. Dual arms for increased product versatility
  3. Inboard and outboard fabric puller for easier fabric handling
  4. Quick, repeatable head adjustments for precision welding
  5. Hot wedge, hot air or both for optimal product production

Products Made with a Shelter Fabric Welder THOUSANDS

Customers all over the world use the T600 Extreme Shelter to produce tents, shelters and more. Not sure if a PVC tent welder is right for your product? Contact Miller Weldmaster to find a machine to meet your needs.

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Tent Welding Applications



Hot Wedge Shelter Fabric Welder

Fabric will tear before the weld!

A 40-year-old proven technology, hot wedge welding creates large tent and shelter panels from fabric or materials. Customers worldwide choose hot wedge welding to produce reliable seams on panels.

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tensile testing

You won’t find better quality service or support.

- Economy Tent



  • Lean manufacturing principles
  • Solid steel frame design
  • 500+ years combined engineering experience
  • Designed and built for multiple decade use


  • Built for multiple shift production
  • Low maintenance for extended up time
  • Industry known for longest lasting machines
  • First and last machine you will need for welding

” Thank you for making a machine that lasts. It is nice that we had a machine that lasted as long as some of our boats and that you believe in building a machine with longevity.”

Jack’s Plastic Welding

Welding machines built to last


Committed to you and your business! 

  • Miller Weldmaster Field Service Engineer staffed service and resolution center
  • Fast response time from a live person
  • Parts and service with offices in Ohio, California, and Europe
  • 20 Trained Partners worldwide for international service and support

“If we don’t take care of our customers… Someone else will!”

Easy installation and training


All you need to know!

  1. One of our certified Field Service Engineer will contact you to schedule your installation and training day at your facility
  2. We provide you with everything you need to know to get your sit and team ready for their day of installation and training
  3. Your staff will receive extensive training on operation, maintenance and most importantly how to make your product.

No experience needed to operate your new welder. However our most successful operators have good eye-hand coordination and are committed to creating a quality product.

Most of our customers are making finished products by the end of the first day!

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