Triad Cover Wedge Welder

Triad Extreme Cover Welder

Small portable welder for your cover and tarp production

The Triad Extreme Cover is the machine for creating strong tarps and covers quickly and smoothly. The Triad line of machines are designed with the small production floor in mind, as they are small and portable without losing any of the efficiency and quality of a larger heat welder.

This particular machine is made with a wider base than the other Triad machines, so you can create larger diameter pockets. Its noiseless operation and flexibility make it a great choice among tarp welders.


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Products created using Triad Extreme Cover

The Triad Extreme Cover is flexible and easy to use. Most customers using the machine are creating tarps, pool covers, truck side panels, boat or vehicle covers, or any number of other large-scale plastic products.

Because our machines are made to be flexible, the Triad Extreme Cover can be configured to fit your production needs. The main variant configurations are stationary welding or tabletop track welding, depending on the length of the seams you need and the space you have to work in. You can contact us to find out our specific recommendations about a machine for your company.

Additionally, the Triad line of hot wedge welders was created to make production simpler by cutting down the number of operators needed. The Triad Extreme Cover is a single-man operation, which lets you spread your operators throughout the production line and increase efficiency and output for lean manufacturing.


Like all Miller Weldmaster hot wedge welding machines, the Triad Extreme Cover is designed for efficient and smooth product creation. The simple design of the machine makes it easy to operate, and your whole team will receive training upon installation.

Miller Weldmaster’s patented self-centering wedge is integral to this machine. The self-centering technology eliminates a large amount of human error from the welding process, as the machine self-corrects any misalignment. This will help your production process run smoother than ever, with little margin for error.


Triad Portable Welding Machine Features


  1. Multiple seam configurations available for multiple finishing demands
  2. Excellent visibility of the welding area
  3. Swing-out wedge provides for easy cleaning
  4. Stationary or automatic travel on track for hands free operation
  5. Available in either 110V or 230V to suite your facility requirements

Products Made with Vinyl Seam Heat Welders

Produce everyday products seamlessly and efficiently with a tarpaulin seam welding machine. The versatility and portable design allows Triad Extreme Cover owners to produce covers and tarps at high speeds with a small chance of error.

Tarp Applications




Miller Weldmaster has created and improved upon hot welding technologies for over 40 years to ensure that our machines are producing the strongest welds in the industry. We back our machines with a guarantee that our years of experience make our line of machines the technology of choice for industrial welders around the world.

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tensile testing

Triad Portable Welder on Track

Long application seams…

The Triad Extreme can be configured with track to accommodate any length of travel. Track is available in 5′ sections and allows the Triad Extreme to be self propelled finishing your seams with minimal material handling.

I can definitely tell that Miller invests greatly in their people from the first rate customer service I receive.  Miller Weldmaster continues to set the bar for the rest of the market, and will continue to be a leader in the years to come!!”

- J & M Industries




  • Lean manufacturing principles
  • Solid steel frame design
  • 500+ years combined engineering experience
  • Designed and built for multiple decade use


  • Built for multiple shift production
  • Low maintenance for extended up time
  • Industry known for longest lasting machines
  • First and last machine you will need for welding

” Thank you for making a machine that lasts. It is nice that we had a machine that lasted as long as some of our boats and that you believe in building a machine with longevity.”

Jack’s Plastic Welding

Quality built to last


Committed to you and your business! 

  • Miller Weldmaster Field Service Engineer staffed service and resolution center
  • Fast response time from a live person
  • Parts and service with offices in Ohio, California, and Europe
  • 20 Trained Partners worldwide for international service and support

“If we don’t take care of our customers… Someone else will!”

Easy installation and training


All you need to know!

  1. One of our certified Field Service Engineer will contact you to schedule your installation and training day at your facility
  2. We provide you with everything you need to know to get your sit and team ready for their day of installation and training
  3. Your staff will receive extensive training on operation, maintenance and most importantly how to make your product.

No experience needed to operate your new welder. However our most successful operators have good eye-hand coordination and are committed to creating a quality product.

Most of our customers are making finished products by the end of the first day!


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