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Introducing our Most Versatile Welder Ever. Heat, Speed, Pressure, and now precision! Our precise welding head position for enhanced efficiency and higher speeds. Designed for any operator with a new, easy-to-use touch screen. Now with 4 arms included for enhanced versatility to make nearly any product.

Larger and Easy to Use HMI

Intuitively Designed with ease of use in mind. The T300 touchscreen makes it easy for any operator to learn how to make products with a very short learning curve

Built-In Outboard Fabric Puller

Built-in material puller to reduce labor or long welded seams.

Precise Welding Position

Precise welding head position for enhanced efficiency and higher speeds.

Available With Hot Air and/Or Hot Wedge

Hot air welding technology, hot wedge welding technology or both technologies for creating an even wider group, seam types, fabric types and finished products.

We’ve Created the Most Versatile Fabric Welder Ever.

Hot Air, Hot Wedge, or Both

You get the choice of having Hot air welding, hot wedge welding, or both technologies for creating a wider group, seam types, fabric types and finished products.


Heat is provided by compressed air blowing across electrical heat elements and is injected at the welding point.


A heated wedge is precisely positioned at the weld point to provide the heat required.

Hot Air and Hot Wedge Welding Technology

Combining both technologies for a wider group , seam types, fabric types and finished products.


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More Arms Than Ever Before

Leading off the newly designed T300 is the addition of yet even more arms. We have added our single roller arm for the finishing of the ends and complex three-dimensional products. The new T 300 comes standard with every machine our double roller table arm for straight welds, our dual positioned swingarm for three-dimensional products, and are now newly included single roller arm.

What Seams Types Are Available?

The T300 was designed to do straight seams, curved seams, and three-dimensional products. The T300 also gives our customers the ability to make nearly any seam type with the use of hems, overlaps, pole pockets, and more. The seams created from the T300 are not only waterproof, but they are also so strong they will outlast the material. Moreover, multiple technologies may be required for finishing products. The T300 can be equipped with Hot air welding and hot wedge welding or have the ability to do both.

What Welding Types Are Available?

The new model T300 has the ability to offer hot air welding technology wedge welding technology or the machine can be equipped with both options. The dual technology options enable you to create a wider scope of products all with the same new design T300 head.

How Does It Improve Weld Efficiency?

Heat, speed, and pressure are the three key factors to creating the perfect Weld. Miller Weldmaster now revolutionizes those three key factors by enhancing the weld even more with precise positioning performance. Three synchronized control motors now precisely position the welding head to the optimal welding position. This in turn creates more weld efficiency and higher speeds due to repeatable nozzle positioning.

Learn How the Most Versatile Welder Ever Can Improve Your Production.

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