Hot Air Welding

T300 Extreme Filter System

Automated Filter Tube Production

Configured for almost any size, diameter filtered to and cut to length needs. Unwind, weld and cut filter tubes automatically with precision controlled parameters.
Best For:
  • Filtration
  • Tubes
Seam Type:
  • Butt Seam Butt Seam
  • Coverstrip Coverstrip
  • Flat Seam Tube Flat Seam Tube
  • Overlap Overlap
  • Sewn Seam Sewn Seam
  • Tube Tube
Features & Options

Features & Benefits

  • Quick- setting recall with touch screen and recipe storage
  • Tightly secures fabrics with air shaft
  • Easily handles multiple diameter tubes with laser and adjustable tubing guides
  • Reduced material handling with fabric tension- control unwinding
  • Automatic fabric tension control loads fabric for precise product placement
  • Adjustable tube forming guide with overlap and pre- folding assembly
  • Smooth operation provided by fabric accumulator
  • Encoder measures product to length
  • Consistent cuts with optional automatic guillotine cutting system
  • Can be custom designed to your exact specifications 

Optional Add On's:

  • Automated sewing
  • Ultrasonically weld the ends of your filter bag
Technical Specs

Power Requirements

  • 208 - 240 Volts - Single Phase - 25 Amp.
  • 380 - 400 Volts - Single Phase -16 Amp.

Air Requirements

  • 8cfm @ 100psi

Power Consumption

  • Approx. 6kW

Maximum Temperature

  • Hot Air: 730° C (1,346˚F)
  • Hot Wedge: 450° C (842˚F)


  • Depends on Application


  • Depends on Application

Seam Width

  • 10 to 50mm (0.5” to 2”)**

Welding Cycle

  • Up to 30m/min (100ft/min)*

* Depending on the application, the seam width and the type of material used
** Additional guides might be necessary
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Machine Videos

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  • Training Videos
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