Hot Air Welding

T600 Curve

T600 Curve | Seam Welding Machine for Waterproof Products

This machine produces airtight and waterproof seams for 2D and 3D, meeting the toughest demands with additional fabric handling support. The T600 Curve is packed with everything needed to weld curves and unique shapes for the production of inflatables, tanks, bladders and more.
Best For:
  • Aerospace
  • Athletic Mats
  • Flexible Storage Tank/Bladders
  • Paddle Boards
  • Pools
  • Inflatables
  • Outdoor Furniture
Seam Type:
  • Butt Seam Butt Seam
  • Channel Seam Channel Seam
  • Coverstrip Coverstrip
  • Double Fold Double Fold
  • Flat Seam Tube Flat Seam Tube
  • Fold Overlap Fold Overlap
  • Hem Hem
  • Overlap Overlap
  • Tube Tube
Features & Options

Features & Benefits

  • Quick- setting recall with touch screen and recipe storage
  • Increased product efficiency with dual arms for straight and curved seams
  • Precision welding through quick, repeatable head adjustments
  • Multiple seam configurations with quick, easy guide change

Technical Specs

Power Requirements

  • 208 - 240 Volts - Single Phase - 25 Amp.
  • 380 - 400 Volts - Single Phase -15 Amp.

Air Requirements

  • 2cfm @ 100psi

Power Consumption

  • Approx. 6kW

Maximum Temperature

  • Hot Air: 730˚C (1,346˚F)
  • Hot Wedge: 450˚C (842˚F)

Throat Width

  • 2.03m (79.9")


  • Width: 0.6m (23")
  • Length: 3m (120")
  • Height: 1.5m (59")


  • 680kg (1,500lb)

Seam Width

  • 10 - 50mm (0.5 - 2”)**

Welding Cycle

  • Up to 30m/min (100ft/min)*

* Depending on the application, the seam width and the type of material used
** Additional guides might be necessary
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Machine Videos

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  • Training Videos
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