Radio Frequency Welding

Radio Frequency Welding versus Hot Air Welding

As a result of efficiencies in technology and other key advantages, hot air and hot wedge welding machines are preferred over radio frequency welding equipment. Here are the advantages of Miller Weldmaster’s hot wedge welding machines.

Miller Weldmaster hot air and hot wedge welding machines have significantly faster welding times than most radio frequency welder equipment.

Seam Strength
Our more efficient technology does not compromise seam strength, seam appearance or seam integrity. Our customers have been depending on Miller Weldmaster machines for over 45 years. We have customers constructing people-carrying blimps, white water rafts, airplane rescue escape shoots and various military applications with our hot air and hot wedge welding machines.

Seam Appearance
The molecular bonded seam is welded from the inside, not over the two outside layers. This significantly improves seam appearance over radio frequency welding seams.

With an array of different fabrics on the market, most manufacturers need to be able to weld all thermoplastic materials. Radio frequency welding can only weld polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane, while hot air and hot wedge can weld a variety of thermoplastic fabrics and films. Hot air and hot wedge welding machines also allow you to more easily make three-dimensional products. Miller Weldmaster technology can allow you to make almost your whole product with just one welder.

Work Space
Most printer and machine manufacturers will dictate that equipment needs to be at least 15 meters away from any radio frequency device. There are no distance limitations with Miller Weldmaster’s hot air and hot wedge welding machines and your existing office or manufacturing equipment.

Finally, Miller Weldmaster machines are significantly less expensive to maintain than radio frequency sealer machines.

With over 3,000 machines installed in numerous industries in over 100 countries, hot air and hot wedge welding provides distinct advantage over radio frequency welding.

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Advantages of the 112 Extreme

The 112 Extreme is a complete heat sealing system for straight seam welding of billboard and sign panels. The two vinyl panels are positioned on the bed of the machine and held in place with our exclusive vacuum track holding system. Once the fabric is positioned and held down, the traveling welding head is driven down the track to produce the heat sealed seam. A laser line is built into the machine for alignment of printed images.

Furthermore, if it is required that the machine needs to be stopped mid-weld, a stop control the length of the machine is always and easily accessible. During the seaming process, it is not necessary for the operator to touch the fabric being overlap welded, thus greatly reducing the chance for operator error.