Rotary Adhesive Sealing Technology

To continue to be the first choice globally, we felt it important to provide the largest range of technologies for our customers. Miller Weldmaster has been providing welding solutions to the industry for over 40 years, and the rotary adhesive sealing technology is another method for the awning and digital textile markets.

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Why Choose Rotary Adhesive Technology?

Our rotary adhesive technology is custom formulated for the technical textile and digital textile markets. It will improve product design, simplify assembly procedures and provide a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and flexible seam.

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Awning and Shade Welding Applications

Worldwide Supported Gluing System

Nordson PURblue adhesive melters simplify use of moisture cure reactive polyurethane glue for the toughest seams. The user-friendly design offers simple, reliable operation with quick dis-assembly for ease of cleaning and maintenance. The “melt-on-demand” process uses only the adhesive needed to reduce thermal stress and protects bonding characteristics. The ability to easily use small volumes of PUR helps increase productivity and reduce adhesive waste.


The Most Advanced Rotary Adhesive

Apply finished product to framing systems, which have been bonded on the SeamSTRONG, almost immediately after completion.

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SeamSTRONG Welding Machine