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In the ever-evolving world of visual communication, AMI Graphics stands out for its innovative approach and dedication to expanding its product offerings to meet and exceed client expectations. This case study delves into the strategic partnership between AMI Graphics and Miller Weldmaster, highlighting the transformative impact of the Digitran solution on AMI's Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) product lines. Faced with the growing demand for high-quality SEG products, AMI Graphics turned to Miller Weldmaster's Digitran—a cutting-edge sewing and welding solution designed specifically for the efficient production of SEG signage. This collaboration not only enhanced AMI Graphics' production capabilities but also set new standards in the industry for quality, efficiency, and scalability. Through this case study, we will explore the intricacies of this partnership, the technological advancements brought about by the Digitran, and the resulting benefits for AMI Graphics and its clientele.

Who is AMI Graphics?

AMI Graphics is a large format print provider known for its sports, events, and commercial signage options.  Renowned for its expertise in custom signage projects, offering a comprehensive range of services from strategy and planning to fabrication and installation. Their adeptness in handling various aspects of signage projects, including size, material considerations, and installation logistics, has established them as leaders in the field.  The company's commitment to "Honesty | Integrity | Service" is not just a slogan but a guiding principle that is visible throughout its operations, from its state-of-the-art production facilities in southern New Hampshire and central Florida to the long-term relationships it maintains with its employees and clients. 

How Did You Find Miller Weldmaster?

The journey to transformation began with a peer's recommendation in the industry, sparking interest in Miller Weldmaster's solutions. Upon extensive research, AMI Graphics embraced the Digitran automated sewing machine, marking their first purchase from Weldmaster. This decision, fueled by the machine's integrated transport system, promised a significant leap in material handling's accuracy and precision, essential for the seamless execution of Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG). As AMI Graphics foresaw exponential growth in their SEG line, the limitations of conventional sewing machines became apparent. The quest for impeccable accuracy and quality led to the pivotal acquisition of the Weldmaster Digitran machine. The arrival of this cutting-edge technology coincided with a surge in production capabilities, especially for SEG, drastically improving speed, precision, and overall quality.

What MW Machines Do You Have?

AMI Graphics runs the Digitran from Miller Weldmaster.   The Miller Weldmaster Digitran is an advanced automated sewing solution tailored for the sign industry, particularly beneficial for creating Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) and other digital textile applications. This machinery stands out for its ability to automate sewing processes, enabling the production of high-quality SEG products with precision and speed. One of its key advantages is the elimination of the need for skilled sewing labor, which can significantly reduce labor costs and streamline production processes. 

The Digitran features a transport system that is synchronized with the sewing machine, ensuring accurate and precise material handling and product finishing. It also offers hands-free SEG feeding and cutting, along with programmable back stitch configuration and stitch cut for easy operational use. The machine's synchronized needle bar and feed ensure even stitching, while needle cooling allows for faster sewing. Additionally, the Digitran's lightweight aluminum frame and easy-to-use touch controls enhance its user-friendliness and mobility within a production facility

By integrating the Digitran into their production line, AMI Graphics can efficiently produce SEG and other textile products, maintaining high quality while reducing production time and costs. This technological advancement aligns with the growing demand for seamless, high-quality visual communications and signage solutions, enabling AMI Graphics to further expand its product offerings and maintain its competitive edge in the market.

How Miller Weldmaster Helped Improve Their Business?

The investment in the Digitran machine brought about a paradigm shift for AMI Graphics. With the need for skilled labor significantly reduced, the company could focus on growth and efficiency. The Digitran's features addressed key challenges in the industry, from the labor-intensive sewing process to the finesse required for digital textiles. By harnessing the power of automation, AMI Graphics not only optimized its production line for signs and SEG but also established a robust foundation for scalability.

What Has Made You The Happiest About Buying Our Machines?

The benefits of partnering with Miller Weldmaster extend beyond the machinery. AMI Graphics highlights the exceptional quality, training, and service that accompany the purchase. These machines aren't just built to last; they're designed to evolve with your business. As AMI Graphics continues to expand and deepen its industry expertise, the company takes pride in having Miller Weldmaster as a strategic partner in this journey of growth and innovation.

Would You Recommend Our Product?

AMI Graphics' strategic decision to integrate the Digitran machine has set a new standard in the production of SEG and large-format prints. The leap in efficiency and quality, coupled with reduced labor requirements and the elimination of the need for highly skilled sewing labor, demonstrates the transformative power of the right machinery. The success story of AMI Graphics with Miller Weldmaster's Digitran machine is a testament to the potential for any business to elevate its production capabilities and thrive in a competitive market.

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