Miller Weldmaster Launches New Acrylic Welding Web Page

By weldadmin | August 10, 2018

To help customers achieve maximum results from its state-of-the-art welding equipment, Miller Weldmaster is upgrading its website to include a page that focuses on the topic of acrylic welding. Acrylic welding is common in a number of applications such as boat covers, awnings and more. Processes that can be used to provide strong bonds on acrylic fabrics include hot air rotary heat sealing, hot wedge welding and impulse welding.

Miller Weldmaster recognizes that all companies experience turnover, hire new technicians and continue to expand their business. To help ensure that new and experienced machine operators can maintain maximum productivity, Miller Weldmaster added an Acrylic Welding web page to its site. This new site includes videos that help operators perform proper machine set-up, wedge alignment and other training techniques when welding acrylic using a Miller Weldmaster machine. Current training videos cover the Triad Extreme, T300 Extreme and 112 Extreme, with more on the way. The Service Department is available to answer any additional questions.

“We do offer hands-on training sessions where one of our experienced technicians can come to the customer’s shop and train their operators on how to properly align a machine, but we want to give customers every opportunity to solve problems in house before one of our technicians comes out to their site,” commented company president and owner, Scott Miller. “Individual results can vary by machine, materials and end use, but providing this information is a great step forward in helping to meet the productivity needs of our customers.”

Miller Weldmaster has been developing industrial fabric welding solutions for over 45 years. Call (330) 915-3311 or visit the company’s website,, to learn more about acrylic welding.


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