Seaming vs. Sewing for Awnings and Other Watertight Applications

June 3, 2019

For applications where you need a clean seam with no leaking, such as awnings, fabric welding is an excellent solution.

While many manufacturers still rely on sewing, making the move to welding can offer multiple benefits. Welding fabric can be the right option for awning manufacturers and those who produce products that need to be leakproof and watertight. Many find welding improves both performance and appearance.

Near-invisible seams with no perforations

Welding, unlike sewing, does not perforate the fabric or material. The machine welds fabric bond tape between two layers of fabric for near-invisible seams. It also eliminates the need for thread matching. This can be very helpful when producing products with multiple colors, such as striped awnings. It allows a customized look to the product without unsightly thread variation or the need to alternate colors for each seam.

Easy to use

Miller Weldmaster trains all of our new customers on the use of their fabric welding machine, and we find most clients are producing products within a few hours. Our welding machines simply work with heat, speed and pressure. The machine pulls the fabric through, making it easier for an operator to use.

Find the right welder

If you’re considering providing clean, waterproof seams for your customers, or need an awning welder, Miller Weldmaster has your solution. We offer three different fabric welder options: a smaller-size welder for small or new businesses, a mid-size welder for those with moderate volume and a larger welder for high-volume daily production.

Investing in a versatile Miller Weldmaster fabric welding machine can allow you weld an array of products, such as Sunbrella® fabrics and vinyl, expanding your product range.

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