5 Reasons to use Miller Weldmaster OEM Replacement Parts

May 24, 2022

A major concern, with any manufacturing company, is downtime. You invest all this money and time into finding the perfect machine. But what happens when the machine has normal wear and tear, or any other issues come up? Miller Weldmaster invests time and energy into our customers by providing them with top-of-the-line service as well as parts for the fabric welding and packaging machines.

Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM for short, is a company that provides a good or components for another company that then produces a finished product. Miller Weldmaster manufactures the machines as well as the replacement parts needed for your machine. In addition to having specialized service technicians for all of our machines. This means that when a customer calls in looking for a part, they are purchasing a genuine Miller Weldmaster part. Made specifically for their machine that we know will work. There are many alternatives or ways to cut cost by going for an aftermarket part. However, this may cause more trouble in the long run.





Miller Weldmaster makes our parts in-house. That means they are made right alongside the new machines we are manufacturing. So, they are held up to the same standard as anything else leaving our facility. The spare guide, nozzle, or anything else you may need through the machine's lifetime will match what you were using from the beginning. No need to worry about learning the new parts or ways to work with the guides. Your machine will work just as it always had. Allowing you to keep your production running smoothly and consistently.




When you buy equipment from Miller Weldmaster, you are covered by a warranty. This includes a warranty on the parts attached to that equipment, meaning that if something goes wrong, you will be able to get a replacement or repair directly from us. However, installation of a non-OEM part poses a threat to the warranty coverage of your machine and if they do end up being faulty, you may struggle to get a repair from the parts distributor.



Ease of Replacement

Similarly, you can gain assistance in ordering and stocking. For example, being able to order spare parts ahead of repair and allowing you to keep an inventory of required parts for when they’re needed. By using genuine parts, you can allow your maintenance cycle to keep flowing smoothly, as well as allowing you to get longevity and quality from your welding equipment. No need to worry about extended downtime due to issues with the after-market parts. If you use a genuine Miller part, you know it will work with your machine.




Beyond the quality of the parts themselves, choosing genuine Miller Weldmaster welding equipment parts and components will allow you to benefit from our years of expertise. We can advise you on how to best maintain your equipment, which can have a direct benefit on your business.

This will also enable you to build and continue a relationship with us so we are available for any future maintenance requests you may have. We offer technical and service support for the lifetime of your equipment and encourage you to lean on us.

Dollar Sign

Lower total cost of ownership

The final reason to always buy genuine Miller Weldmaster parts, is the overall lower cost of ownership. The reason that copy-cat parts have such a market is that they can offer a lower upfront cost. However, by choosing to buy genuine parts, you can reduce the total cost of ownership and save yourself money in the long term.

As we have discussed; genuine parts are guaranteed to fit into your existing machines. This will allow processes to continue as intended. These parts will work effectively for longer, meaning you can reduce waste and other production issues. Due to this, using genuine parts can improve your return on investment so you get more value.

While it may be tempting to order that cheaper part now; you need to think of the overall investment. The after-market products are not made for Miller Weldmaster machines like Miller made parts. Another perk of being a Miller Weldmaster customer; our genuine parts often aren’t as expensive as you might expect. It’s worth checking with us before even considering going for a non-genuine part, as you may be surprised by how little real replacements actually cost.

As your machine comes across normal wear and tear, be sure to contact our reliable and knowledgeable service team. Go to service@weldmaster.com or visit www.weldmaster.com/service-support. Our team will help you with any questions you have with your Miller Weldmaster machine. And be sure, to always buy Genuine Miller Weldmaster parts.

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