Cured In Place Pipeline Welding

Miller Weldmaster manufactures a variety of equipment for the production of cured-in-place pipelines, rehabilitation pipes and more. Miller will design a completely automated machine to fit your specific production needs. Improve your operations, increase production speed, improve accuracy and maximize product demands with any of our welders designed specifically for your needs.

Let us help you choose or build the right machine for your application.

CIPP Double Tube Sewing

Complete Sewing System for CIPP Tube Production

This complete tube sewing system is designed and built for the production of CIPP tubes. Flat sheet material and a pre-made tube will pay off from existing equipment. The pre-formed tube will feed into sewing machine where the tube will be sewn together with a prayer seam.

Calibration Tube System

Tube Welding All-In-One Operation

All-in-one operation. Designed and customized to any production need. Can weld in both parallel and perpendicular welding as well as cut to length. Increase production of tube production utilizing many automation capabilities including unwinds, accumulators and guillotine cutting with cut to length operation.


T300 Extreme Flex

Our most versatile welder

Out most universal welder, the T300 Extreme Flex uses hot air and hot wedge technologies with an array of seam types.

Discover how the T300 Extreme Flex can help you finish tents, shelters, tarps, covers and more in no time.

T600 Extreme Flex

Our most versatile welder

The T600 Extreme Flex offers the use of hot air or hot wedge welding technologies with an array of seam types and extended fabric handling support.

You’ll get consistent, easy product construction with efficient and straightforward design and controls.

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The dual heat system of the T600 Extreme allows complete product flexibility. Two seams can be completed simultaneously to save time and labor. The T600 Extreme Flex welds hems, hems with pocket and hems with rope.

We’re known for the longest-lasting machines.

The T600 Extreme Flex is built for multiple-shift production, and with its solid-steel design, this machine can last for multiple decades.