Customer Success Story: Mt. Lebanon Awning Co

Mt. Lebanon Awning has been incorporated for over 72 years.  Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Similar to Miller Weldmaster, they are on their third generation of ownership since 1980.  Manufacturing countless types of awnings. Mt. Lebanon Awnings has won numerous awards for their craftsmanship and are known for their quality products.  Looking for ways to improve their process and production, they reached out to Miller Weldmaster for help.  

Mt. Lebanon Awning Background

Specializing in both commercial and residential awnings, Mt. Lebanon was looking for ways to improve the production of their larger awnings.  Previously sewing their larger panels together; they struggled with efficiency.  Due to the size of the panels they were working with, Mt. Lebanon found it difficult to maneuver them around and through the machines.  

Challenge: Limit Material Handling to Improve Production Times

In 2021, Mt. Lebanon Awning purchased the 112 Extreme.  The 112 Extreme is known for its fast production times as well as its ease of operation and precision control.   With the ability to easily maneuver the material, the Mt. Lebanon Awning team was able to easily manufacture their products, quicker.  

“We’ve been able to teach another employee to run the machine because of its ease of use…” said Cristin Conlon.  Thanks to the size and functionality of the 112 Extreme, they were able to eliminate material handling and improve their overall production time.  Utilizing the table and being able to layout the material along the entirety of the machine. They eliminated the need for employees to do multiple things for one item.  Now, their employee can focus on producing a quality product with ease.  

With the reliability of the 112 Extreme, the team has experienced less downtime.  Keeping the Mt. Lebanon team to stay up and running longer. 

From the ease of use, decrease in material handling, and reliability Mt. Lebanon Awning has seen improvements in their production time and overall manufacturing process. 


Why Miller Weldmaster?

“We chose Miller because of them being involved in our zone.”  

Miller Weldmaster was at the top of the list when Mt. Lebanon was looking for a solution thanks to their participation in Zone 7 as well as other Trade Shows hosted by IFAI. Miller Weldmaster is a proud member of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI, now known as Advanced Textiles Associations) and have been for many years.  That is where Miller Weldmaster and Mt. Lebanon Awning were able to grow their relationship and partnership.  

“They are great to work with.  Any questions that we had or anything we needed, even after we set everything up….”

Miller Weldmaster is dedicated to helping customers throughout the whole process.  From running samples, helping them find the machine that fits their production needs, through set-up. We are dedicated to ensuring you are happy with your Miller Weldmaster machine.

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