Customer Success Story:
Zeltex GmbH

This case study details the growth of Zeltex from a basic tent and tarpaulin maker to a leader in sophisticated fabric products. It emphasizes how Zeltex has expanded its product offerings and enhanced operational efficiencies through a strategic partnership with Miller Weldmaster. This partnership has provided Zeltex with industry-leading welding technology that supports their broad product range, which now includes industrial curtains, screens, and custom fabric solutions.

Introduction to Zeltex’s Operations:

Zeltex began by manufacturing tents and tarpaulins but has since evolved to produce a diverse array of specialized products, such as large print fabrications, retractable roofs, canopy covers, and industrial curtains. This diversification showcases Zeltex’s commitment to quality and innovation, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and materials to meet a wide range of industrial and commercial needs.

Technological Innovations Driving Production:

Each Zeltex product starts as a digital design, crafted with precision on advanced computer software. This allows for exact pre-visualization and adjustments before manufacturing, which is carried out using precise CNC technology. Welding choices are tailored to specific product requirements, with techniques including hot air, or hot wedge welding—a testament to Zeltex's commitment to superior quality.

Zeltex’s Experience with Miller Weldmaster Machines:

Zeltex’s relationship with Miller Weldmaster, a leader in the fabrication of automated welding machines for 50 years, has been pivotal. Miller Weldmaster’s machines are designed to increase efficiency and productivity in industrial fabric welding, characteristics that have greatly benefited Zeltex.

The T600 and T300 models from Miller Weldmaster are particularly noteworthy. The T600 is designed for larger scale production needs, which has enabled Zeltex to significantly ramp up their manufacturing output. The more recent T300 model offers enhanced ease of use, faster setup times, and greater adaptability, allowing Zeltex’s team to excel in producing smaller, more detailed custom fabrications.

Business Evolution with Miller Weldmaster:

The use of Miller Weldmaster’s T600 and T300 machines has revolutionized Zeltex’s production capabilities. These machines are not only robust but also feature innovative technology that minimizes downtime and maximizes output. This has enabled Zeltex to meet growing market demands more efficiently, thereby reducing labor costs and increasing profitability.

Extended Product Line and Market Adaptability:

Zeltex’s extended range of products, including industrial curtains and screens, cater to various needs in the warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing sectors. These products are essential for creating safe, controlled environments, demonstrating Zeltex’s capacity to respond to market trends and customer requirements.

Third-Party Endorsements and Collaboration:

Zeltex's enthusiastic endorsement of Miller Weldmaster reflects their positive experiences with the T300 and T600 machines. Additionally, the quick and reliable support from WDN, Miller Weldmaster's German distributor, ensures that operational interruptions are minimized, thereby maintaining productivity and customer satisfaction.


Zeltex’s transformation from a traditional fabric manufacturer to a leading provider of specialized fabric solutions illustrates the importance of embracing technological innovations and forming strategic partnerships. Through its collaboration with Miller Weldmaster, Zeltex has not only enhanced its production processes but also expanded its market reach. As the company continues to advance, its commitment to quality, innovation, and strategic collaboration will remain central to its success in the competitive fabric manufacturing industry.


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