3 Ways Hot Air Welding Improves Production Processes

February 4, 2021

Hot air welding is the process of using very precise heat, speed and pressure to join thermoplastic industrial fabrics and molds. Hot air welding is a top choice for inflatables, awnings, or shelter and tent manufacturers looking to improve efficiency, output and seam reliability.

To aide your research, we’ve identified the top three ways that hot air welding can help improve your manufacturing processes. Continue reading to see if hot air welding could benefit your production timelines and more.

1. Hot air welding can save you time and money.

Industrial fabric welders can tremendously increase production. The hot air welding process is fast and as result, your team will experience increased output and, as result, meet more orders.

In fact, one Miller Weldmaster customer reported their welder saved them three days’ worth of work, allowing them to spend their valuable time elsewhere. Different machines offer different welding cycles, with some of the fastest hot air welders reaching impressive speeds of 20 meters per minute.

Hot air welders are also useful for fixing tears, something that other welding technologies cannot do. This feature saves you time and money that would otherwise be spent fixing a simple issue.

2. Hot air welding can improve product strength and quality.

This fabric welding technology is a top choice for inflatable, awning, or shelter and tent manufacturers due to its ability to produce reliable, and strong, durable and smooth seams. With temperatures ranging from 700°F to 1,350°F, hot air welding machines are capable of handling virtually any industrial fabric, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coated fabrics and polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics. This reduces your need for rework, improving production flow and delivery timelines. 

If aesthetics and cleanliness are of top priority for your business, then hot air welding is the solution for you. Hot air technology heats up and welds materials from the inside, which as result, reduces the overall visibility of the seam. Additionally, hot air welds are incredibly strong are often used in the military and medical industries. This is because hot air welds are the fused end product of two original materials—meaning the resulting joint it stronger than the parent material.

3. Hot air welding adds versatility to your product team.

Hot air welders enable users to create a variety of products, with no special tooling or dies required. Often, large products that require unique shaping and curves are good fits for hot air welders. If you produce any of the following, hot air welding could greatly enhance your production:

  • Inflatable structures
  • Tarps
  • Signs and billboards
  • Packaging – bags
  • White water rafts
  • Jump houses
  • Tents and structures
  • Awnings

Interested in Learning More About Your Hot Air Welding Options?

Whatever your goals are, the Miller Weldmaster team is here to help you succeed. Whether you need to increase production or are just looking to improve your overall system, hot air welding is a viable solution.

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