5 Top Benefits of Industrial Hot Air Welding

April 27, 2020

Hot air welding creates superior seam strength, and fuses a wide variety of thermoplastic-coated materials including polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC-coated fabrics, synthetics and nylon. Whether you’re in the business of inflatables, awnings, or shelter and tent manufacturing, hot air welding provides a reliable solution for secure seams.

Hot air welding is used to manufacture a variety of products like:

  • Airplane escape shoots
  • Covers
  • Fluid-containment bags
  • Industrial curtain walls
  • Inflatables
  • Shelters
  • Tarpaulins and large paneled products
  • Tents
  • Watertight rafts

Manufacturers rely on industrial hot air welders to replace traditional hand-sewing techniques, speed up production and the following benefits.

1. Saves Money

Industrial hot air welders are a cost-effective approach to fabric welding since they use less material than traditional sewing methods. Hot air welders are also available in a range of power requirements, from 208 to 440 v, to maintain efficiency based on your facility’s capabilities.

2. Adaptability to Unique Welding Shapes 

Hot air welding enables users to manually create unique shapes without the need for expensive tooling equipment. This technology is also suitable for more complicated, three-dimensional products such as inflatables and rafts.

3. Saves Time on Seam Creation

Hot air welding solutions can reach welding speeds of up to 100-feet-per minute—a speed hand stitching can’t compete with. Machines can also store operator settings, which reduces the time it takes to begin production.

The machine’s speed, combined with time-saving automation, reduces seam production time, while boosting team efficiency.

4. Creates Long, Continuous Panels 

Hot air welders are ideal for creating continuous seams in fabric. Using heat and pressure, hot air welders can create long seams without specific tooling or dies. This technology also allows users to start and stop often throughout the welding process, making it easier to fuse multiple sheets of material.

5. Produces Tear-Proof Seams

With traditional fabric sewing, your fabric will fail before a welded hot air seam. Because hot air welding fuses together materials, your seams will be watertight and airtight to withstand the elements and years of wear and tear. Industrial hot air welders can fuse a variety of seam configurations such as:

  • Butt seams
  • Hem
  • Hem with pockets
  • Keder
  • Overlap seals
  • Webbing reinforcements 

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