5 Unique Ways to Use a Tarp

December 7, 2015

Tarps are not just for covering cars, boats and construction equipment. Check out these fun all-season uses for your tarp.


Tarp Car Camping


With a few poles and a few fasteners you’ve got yourself a small camping shelter. Great for simply relaxing in the shade or cooking when it rains, the car camping tarp has many uses.


Summer Slip N' Slide


You’ll say this one’s for the kids, but you may end up using it yourself. The tarp slip n’ slide is a great way to have some summer fun without spending much money – all you need is a hill, a tarp and some water.


Fall Raking Alternative


What do you do with all those leaves after you’ve raked them into a big pile? Haul them away on a large tarp of course. Get your workout in for the day by simply attaching a rope to the grommets on the tarp and haul your leaf pile manually, or rig a tractor set-up to do the work for you.


Winter Sledding Tarp


Bet you never thought ten people could slide down the hill on the same sled! You’ll definitely want to make sure you’re taking all safety precautions before trying this one out, but yes, tarps are great for more than just covering cars or equipment from winter snow.


All Season Hammock Tarp


Relax without spending a dime. With some rope and a tarp, you’ve got yourself a relaxing hammock.


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