All Truck Tarps are Not Created Equal

December 14, 2015

Tarps come in a wide variety of sizes and are made of different materials.

Truck tarps in particular are designed differently depending on their intended use. For example, the best tarp to cover a dump truck full of dirt is not necessarily the best tarp to cover a pile of lumber on a flatbed.

Regardless of what trucks are hauling, truck tarps need to be made for secure fitting coverage to keep goods safe during long distance traveling. The following is just an overview of how Miller Weldmaster’s tarp welding machines help to make truck tarps durable for long travels:

  • Weld reinforced fabric around truck tarp hems
  • Heat seal, or heat weld, interior truck tarp seams to form a stronger, more waterproof bond
  • Finish tarps with grommets surrounding the perimeter
  • Finish tarps with D-rings surrounding the perimeter to evenly distribute stress around the cover and make it easy to secure the tarp to the truck using s-hooks, rubber tarp straps or rope

Check out Miller Weldmaster's variety of tarp heat seaming machines that help truck tarp manufacturers make quality products.


Types of Truck Tarps

Smoke Tarps
Smoke tarps, sometimes called nose tarps, are used to cover the front of a truck load to protect it from soot, dirt and exhaust smoke. Usually made from a PVC coated material, they can be used in conjunction with other types of truck tarps.

Lumber Tarps
Lumber tarps are designed with flaps at rear end, so that the wood is covered on all sides. These tarps are 100 percent waterproof and U.V. treated. The grommets on lumber tarps are built in with a close frequency so that the tarp can be fastened closely and compactly to the lumber.

Steel Tarps
Steel tarps are typically four sided to protect steel products such as rods, sheets or cables. Some have end flaps similar to lumber tarps. Common materials for steel tarps include vinyl and PVC coated polyester.

Dump Truck Tarps
Typically made from waterproof PVC coated polyester, dump truck tarps are designed to be just as versatile as the variety of materials dump trucks may carry, including grain, fertilizer and soil.

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