Five Benefits of Custom Packaging Solutions for Your Business

August 26, 2021

Shifting consumer shopping habits during the COVID-19 pandemic have driven changes up and down the supply chain — including in the way goods are packaged. From labor scarcity to supply chain standstills, the need to package and ship in-house has increased dramatically.  The pandemic-accelerated shift to e-commerce has also driven changes in packaging size and consumer perception of packaging and waste. Are you ready to increase your flexibility, agility, and own your custom packaging process?

What is the right size packaging?

It is very rare for a product to fit in a standard box size. Instead, businesses will use filler and padding to protect the product and give the product more security so that it fits and is protected from damage. However, by opting for a customized solution, you can have the right-size packaging to ship your products without the need for extra packing materials.

  1. Increase your productivity and order fulfillment with lean processes

In the age of Amazon, everyone wants their product NOW! When you create your own custom packaging, you reduce your supply chain inefficiencies.  Eliminating your lead times and decreasing delivery times. When controlling your entire process, you can ensure that packaged contents are protected against damage and you are enabled to make the most cost-effective and lightweight solution to ship items across town or across the country.

  1. Right-Sized Packaging Makes Financial Sense

Today, the average shipping box contains up to 40% of empty space. Nearly all major freight carriers and package delivery companies now use dimensional weight pricing for their ground shipments. Also known as cube weight or volumetric weight, this pricing scheme penalizes companies that routinely ship items in large boxes regardless of the size of the contents. Boxes too large for the items they hold require added packing material to prevent unwanted shifts and damage to contents. Over time, this added weight and paper consumption can generate significant costs for companies and can increase the environmental impact of their operations. By creating on-demand custom packaging, manufacturers and distributors can reduce the cost of shipping via most major carriers in the U.S.

  1. Sustainability

A custom box maker replaces the traditional inventory model from your supply chain as well as the corresponding complexity, time, waste, and unnecessary material and shipping costs. Using custom boxes requires less corrugated fiberboard, removes or reduces the need for void filler, reduces box size, empty space and cube weight; and reduces the overall carbon footprint.

Corrugated is sustainably manufactured from trees and old recovered corrugated containers. It also has an industry recovery rate hovering around 90% over the last eight years as well as 96% in 2018, which makes it not only very cost-effective to produce, but also to reuse.

  1. Choose Your Own Supply Chain

You want to own your entire order process fulfillment, so make sure your box making machine offers the option of using single corrugated sheets. 

Fixed sheets are the material of choice for many industries. It ensures the material can carry a wide range of weights, protects against moisture and provides sustainable packaging solutions. Fixed sheets are also more readily available with suppliers than fanfold. Also, fixed sheets are highly customizable and very cost-effective. 

Speaking of owning your entire process…. If you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product.

When choosing a box making machine, make sure to avoid “the refill racket”. From razors and coffee pods, to ink cartridges, chances are you own at least one proprietary refill product consumable. Many box machine manufacturers use the tactic of selling low priced machines with the goal of recouping costs and raising profits through proprietary fanfold sales.  You are forced to purchase fanfold material through their suppliers at a high margin for the life of your machine. 

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Isn’t this what it’s all about? Right-size packaging can make a positive impression on new customers while enhancing satisfaction among your current clientele. Proper packaging shows your customers that you care about them, their needs and the environment. Over 70% of on-line shoppers polled reported that over-sized, filler stuffed packaging decreased their satisfaction in a product. By choosing the right size packaging for your business, you can showcase your brand before a customer has even opened the product.

Now you know some of the benefits of creating right-sized corrugated boxes in your own facility, but do you know if it’s right for you? Find out why leading companies are ditching stocked boxes for custom packaging solutions. Save on material and shipping while having more sustainability and happier customers. Ready to learn more? Click here or contact us and we’ll answer all your questions.

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