Q: Which of These Food Packages is made from Polypropylene?

September 2, 2020

Have you ever stopped to think about what your food containers are made from? Or why specific materials are chosen to house particular types of food?

Tons of people in the plastic industry have to think of these things daily. They must consider which materials are best to print labels on – the labels that encourage you to grab their items off the shelves. They must also consider what materials will keep their product fresh for extended amounts of time as the products travel across the country and are placed on grocery shelves.

Plastics have become one of the most commonly selected food packaging materials because they offer many unique advantages including safety, shelf life, cost, convenience and aesthetics. One specific type of plastic, polypropylene, is often used because of its high strength, puncture resistance and moderate moisture barrier properties. Check out some samples of food packaging below and see if you can guess which one is made from polypropylene.

A:Polyester image

B:Polyvinyl Chloride image

C:Polyyethlene terephthalate image

D:Polyethylene image





A: Polyester 

B: Polyvinyl Chloride 

C: Polyethylene terephthalate 

D: Polyethylene.

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