Seal Types Used for Large Vinyl Images

May 26, 2015


Depending on the application, a variety of seal types can be used for large vinyl images or banners. The two most common types of seals used to finish banners are overlap seals and butt seals.

The overlap seal, butt seal one side and butt seal two sides are used to bond two smaller pieces of material together to make one large piece of material. Sometimes images are larger than the printer’s width capabilities, so images must be printed on different pieces of material, or panels, and then sealed together. It is important to print your banner in a strategic way, and likewise have a sealing strategy, in order to prevent seams from coming down the middle of text or critical images on your banner, and thus disrupting the overall image.

Overlap seals are easier to make, and as a result, quicker to make. Overlap sealing is placing one piece of material directly on top of the other, so that the material is double the width in about a one inch section. The disadvantage of the overlap seal is that it can leave an unappealing strip down the middle of your image or design.

Butt seals usually cost more, and are more suited for indoor use. Butt sealing is butting two pieces of material up against one another in order to make the seam “invisible” to the naked eye. Butt seals are the best options for large vinyl banners with realistic images or other types of imagery that cannot be disrupted by a seam.

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Topics: Butt Seals, Signs and Banners, Overlap Seals

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