What to Consider When Finishing Signs or Banners

April 7, 2015

What environment will your banner be hanging in?

If your banner will be hanging outside, and especially if your banner will be susceptible to high force winds, you may want to consider heat welded hems or reinforced corners and hems. Both will increase the banners strength and durability. Reinforced corners and hems provide the added benefit of reinforcing the banner’s shape and preventing stretching.

  • Heat welded hems: About one inch of the banner’s material is folded over to the back side of the banner on all four edges. The folded material is heated together with the back side of the banner to form a strong hem.
  • Reinforced hems: Polyvinyl chloride coated webbing is heat welded to the back side of the banner about one inch around all edges.
  • Reinforced corners: A grommet is added to each corner already containing a reinforced hem.

How would you like your banner to be hung?

Whether your banner is single or double sided may determine how it will be hung. But, there are still several options to consider. The two most popular hanging options are grommets and poles. Both help to distribute weight and keep the banner from sagging.

  • Grommets: Made from brass, grommets are rings welded onto a banner about every two to four feet around the perimeter. Rope or wire can be thread through the grommets for hanging. A combination of hems and grommets prevent the banner from tearing.
  • Poles: A pole pocket is created with about three inches of material wrapped around the sides, top or bottom of the banner. The banner material is folded over the back side of the banner similar to hems, but enough room is left for a pole to go through the pocket. Note: If you choose this option, reinforced hems and corners are not an option.

What is the service life of your banner?

A banner can last several years if it is made properly and receives proper care. Regardless of where the banner is hung – inside or outside – using the proper banner welding equipment can increase the banner’s service life. Here are some other things to consider when determining the service life of your banner.

  • Moving a banner often, whether inside or out, can reduce its life.
  • Banners can last several years only if you roll and store them properly. Never fold your banner – it can cause creases that weaken the banner.
  • Usually a banner hung on a building or another solid surface will last the longest because the wind won’t be stretching it.

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