Customer Success Story: Harrington Enterprises

Michael Harrington purchased his business only a few short months ago. A company that manufactured vinyl covers for bucket trucks and digger derricks; Michael was looking for a way to improve the process. The previous owner had little desire to change his process and was stuck in the manual sewing method from the 90s. Thanks to a friend, Michael found Miller Weldmaster. 


Harrington Enterprises is based in South Dakota. They manufacture covers for large equipment manufacturers and material processing machinery. Purchased in late 2021, Michael was looking for ways to improve their production. He came into a business that had not been updated and into an industry where it was difficult to find employees. Sewing vinyl products is a skill that is not readily available, and so like most businesses during the pandemic, they were unable to hire new employees.  

Michael had a friend in Minnesota who had a Miller Weldmaster Machine, so they were able to point him toward us. The relationship between Miller Weldmaster and Harrington Enterprises began! 


The Problem: 

As the world changes, there are certain skills that are hard to come by. For example, sewing vinyl covers together. So, when he found out that 2 of his employees were retiring, Harrington was in desperate need of an easier way to produce his covers. Technology that would be easier to train and quicker to produce his products.  


Miller Weldmaster Solution 

Thanks to Michael’s friend in Minnesota, he was connected with a sales representative assigned to his area. After a few phone calls and back and forth, he drove out to our facilities in Navarre Ohio. There, Miller Weldmaster was able to give a few demos on our T300 Extreme Flex. He spent half a day working learning about Miller Weldmaster machines and how his products can be made on our machines.  

As with the purchase of any machine, there was hesitation. Michael discussed his concerns stating “...that this machine was something that ultimately wouldn't fit my needs. After I got it and started working with it, my expectations were exceeded.” Michael found that the ease of working with sales and the ultimate purchase of his machine was a huge success.  


The Outcome: 

When asked how business has changed, Michael said “...production has improved significantly because with the welding process I was able to remove a step from the previous way. So I was able to cut down time spent on the products being made”. He has also been able to find employees that are able to and willing to work with welding technology vs. the sewing method.  

There have also been improvements in the overall quality of the products. They are now turning heads from others in the industry and those unfamiliar with Miller Weldmaster technology.  Customers of Harrington Enterprises are re-working their designs to fit their new method of welding their material.   Those visiting the shop are intrigued and impressed by the products and the way Harrington Enterprises produces their covers.  

Along with the quality, the production time has improved as well.  Now, orders are filled faster, and Michael is spending less time catching up and more time stocking his shelves of product!  All around, production and quality has made great strides since the days of sewing the vinyl panels together.  


Would you recommend Miller Weldmaster? 

 When asked if he would recommend Miller Weldmaster, Michael said “Yes, from start to finish the service has been amazing, Laura Teter is amazing to work with, my field Tech Mason Miller was very helpful setting up the machine, showing me all the settings and how to use the machine for my application and to my advantage. The overall experience that was shown to me was very pleasant.” 


Miller Weldmaster is proud of the machines we make and proud of what can be made on our machines. From Covers to Signs, and tents to inflatables, the T300 is the most versatile welder we have ever made. Our team will work with you to find the best fit and make sure your products can be produced on our machine. 


Be sure to check out our New T300 machine.  Connect with Miller Weldmaster on LinkedIn or contact an expert today to learn how you can schedule a demo! 

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