Customer Success Story: Lake Graphics Label & Sign Co. Inc.

Lake Graphics is a sign-and-label company located in Cleveland, Ohio.  Just up the road from the Miller Weldmaster offices. They specialize in commercial digital printing needs ranging from labels to large format and dye sublimation.  Starting in 2010 as a father-and-son operation, it quickly outgrew offices and expanded its products and offerings.  As dye sublimation and fabric printing grew, Lake Graphics promptly learned they needed to expand and improve their dye sublimation process.

Lake Graphics Background

Lake Graphics started in 2010 with a single printer with a plan to make vehicle wraps.  After dappling in the retail business printing banners and signs.  They quickly realized that they did not want to be on that side of the industry.  So, from there they began to reach out to other companies to get information on where they purchase signs.  

From there, Lake Graphics began working with larger companies printing yard signs and growing their business!  Purchasing a flatbed printer and from there took off.  Quickly out-growing a 1500 square foot facility and then moved from there to their current.  Continuing to expand their label and decal printing service.  

Over the years, Lake Graphics knew they needed to expand into the fabric printing and die sublimation industries.  Allowing to cover all digital printing needs.  But they needed a machine that specializes in fabric and sign finishing.  

Challenge: Improving Production of Dye Sublimation and Fabric Printing

Dye Sublimation has taken off in recent years.  It has quickly grown into a large part of Lake Graphics' business and they were looking for a way to expand and finish their signs and banners.  Dye Sublimation is the process of infusing special dies or ink onto fabric using a chemical process and heat.  Once the material is printed and cut, you need to finish the product   Weather it is a large banner, a pop-up sign, or SEG, the Digitran can finish the product. 

With fabric printing and dye sublimation being the new method, Lake Graphics needed to get equipment to keep up with the demand.  Dye Sublimation requires special printing and transfer machines to ensure the print completely transfers to the fabric.  Then, from there you need a machine to finish the fabric based on the need.  Either with an SEG outline or with a pole pocket for the flag banners.  

Having owned a Miller Weldmsater T300 Extreme for almost 8 years, with little to no maintenance on that machine, they were happy with the machine and the company!  So when Miller Weldmaster said we have a Digitran, it was easy to make a decision on what machine to purchase.  

Why Miller Weldmaster?

"Once Miller [Weldmaster] came out with a sewing machine that was good for silicone edge graphic it [frabic printing] increased almost 100%” - Mark Tangry President of Lake Graphics.  They were now able to increase their production of Dye Sublimation prints.  

Lake Graphics had great success with their T300 Extreme.  With finishing banners and signs with hems, and pole pockets.  They have found similar success with the Digitran with the single needle set-up with a conveyor.  The versatility allows  Lake Graphics to do more with their fabric prints such as putting on an SEG or doing a pole pocket.  Depending on the customer’s needs, Lake Graphic can help.  

Lake Graphics is a local company just like Miller Weldmaster.  Both belief in helping those in our industry and taking care of our customers.  Not only is Lake Graphics a customer of Miller Weldmater, but we are a customer of theirs!  Miller Weldmaster has purchased our SEG signs and Banners from Lake Graphics for tradeshows and other needs around the office.  Both companies look to help one another to grow.  

Be sure to follow Miller Weldmaster on LinkedIn. Also, check out Lake Graphics Label & Sign to learn more about their digital printing services. 

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