5 Industrial Fabric Welding Solutions for Awning and Shade Manufacturers

May 13, 2020

Industrial fabric welding provides awning and shade manufacturers with strong, seamless, perforated-free welds that increase product lifespan. A proper fabric welding machine also increases productivity and efficiency while creating a consistent, longer-lasting product.

While many awning and shade manufacturers have depended on traditional sewing or hand-stitching techniques, fabric welding solutions fuse together seams using heat, resulting in durable airtight and watertight end products. These solutions also reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs due to product longevity.

Whether you produce acrylic and PVC awnings or shades, there are many fabric welding machines available for different size operations. With dozens of welding machines on the market, we’ve rounded up the top five solutions for awning and shade manufacturers.

1. 112 Extreme

The 112 Extreme is a high-performance welder and is a popular choice among awning and shade manufacturers for its ability to quickly and efficiently create long, precise seams. With available configurations ranging from three- to 30-meters long, the 112 Extreme can accommodate a range of shade and awning specifications.

Additional benefits include:

  • Easy, one-person operation.
  • Laser lights for precise alignment of images.
  • Precision-controlled welding parameters.
  • Recall settings to expedite production.
  • Tables to reduce and simplify material handling.
  • The ability to weld, cut and grommet fabrics with one machine.
  • An Optional Ultrasonic Cutter can be added for the reduction of frayed seams.

 2. Triad Extreme Awning

The Triad Extreme Awning machine is a great solution for manufacturers requiring more convenience and portability. While the machine is small in size (254 x 508 x 305 millimeters), it powerfully welds seams at a speed of up to ten meters per minute. Thanks to its compact size, the machine provides excellent visibility of the welding area, making clean seams easier for your machinists.

In addition to convenience, benefits include:

  • Availability in either 110V or 230V to meet various facility requirements.
  • Multiple seam configurations to accommodate multiple finishing demands.
  • Swing-out wedge for easy cleaning.
  • Stationary or automatic travel on track for hands free operation.
3. Impulse Extreme

The Impulse Extreme welder is the most advanced impulse machine for technical textiles such as protective, medical and mobile textiles. The Impulse Extreme is a single-operator system featuring easily programmable menu settings and an automated folding system for hands-free operation.

Additional benefits include:

  • Easy, one-person operation.
  • Availability in multiple lengths, with optional folding feature.
  • PLC-controlled heating and cooling cycles for consistent welds.
  • Programmable menu settings for operator use.
  • Rack and pinion drive system for precise, level, electric motor driven weld beam.
4. T300 Extreme Shade 

The T300 Extreme Shade is a simple operating welder for PVC or acrylic shades, awnings and structures. The T300 Extreme Shade is available in hot air, hot wedge or both technologies for product versatility.

Additional benefits include:

  • Easy, programmable recall setting.
  • Dual arms.
  • Multiple seam configurations for quick and easy guide changes.
  • Repeatable head adjustments for precision welding.
5. M100 Grommet

The M100 Grommet machine is designed to unwind material, weld hems and apply grommets simultaneously. Thanks to the machine’s tension-controlled accumulator, production is continuous and ideal for awnings that require keder for insertion, such as camper or RV, and retractable awnings.

Additional benefits include:

  • An unwind stand designed to reduce material handling.
  • Control panel for monitoring settings and operation.
  • Constant pressure puller with cut to length for accurate product sizing.
  • Dual grommet systems.

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