Is It Time for My Company to Invest in Industrial Impulse Welding?

May 27, 2020

While there are several viable industrial fabric welding technologies available, impulse welding is a reliable option for awning and shade manufacturers.

Impulse welding is a hot-bar method of welding thermoplastics. This technique uses extreme pressure and heat to create seams. During operation, heat shoots through the machine’s two hot impulse-heating bars, and then applies pressure to each side of the industrial fabric, creating strong and crisp seams.

There are a variety of design considerations for awning manufacturers, including size, fit, strength, and whether or not the awning will be fixed or moveable. But regardless if your product is used for shipping, design, or to protect against rain, snow and wind, you need a fabric welding solution that will create a reliable, secure end product

Are You Ready to Invest in a New Material Welding Technology?

Investing in new fabric welding equipment is not an easy decision. Before making the decision to invest in impulse welding, be sure to do your research and thoroughly understand the machine’s benefits and requirements.

Seek out a partner who will provide your team with proper service support and training. If you’ve experienced inefficient seam production or any of the following issues and are ready for a change in process, impulse welding might be the solution.

Signs That It’s Time for a Change

1. Your production line experiences too much downtime.

Impulse welders can be turned on and off with a simple flip of the switch. Other machines require longer periods of time to warm up and prepare for work—wasting time and resources.

Additionally, with traditional sewing, skipped stitches, imperfect needles and improper oiling can lead to machine downtime. If you find that hours throughout your day are being spent on high-cost, unexpected repairs, then it’s time to reevaluate your method of production or assets.

2. You’re looking for a more eco-friendly solution.

Industrial impulse welders are a surprisingly eco-friendly alternative to industrial sewers because they require much less energy. Even though welders rely on heat and pressure, little energy is used to create the heat needed to create welds.

Impulse welders use electricity for heat only during the sealing process, rather than in between seals. Other technologies require parts to be heated at all times, which can result in injury and wasted power.

3. You need clean, reliable seams.

Impulse welding produces clean and secure seams. Fabric welding also offers additional benefits like reduced maintenance costs, abrasion resistance and waterproof seams. With traditional fabric sewing, there are small perforations, which result in leaks and tears.

With impulse welding, both parts of the fusion and cooling processes occur under pressure, which makes the seams stronger and wrinkle free.

4. You’re unsatisfied with your current partner.

Having a trusted partner is key to success. When investing in new technology, you should expect the highest quality customer service and support team. If you’re not happy with your current partner, it might be time to make the transition and take your business elsewhere.

Consider bringing your technicians and team members into the decision-making process since they’re likely the ones communicating with your partner most often. Talk to your production team to see what qualities make a great partner, and identify areas where the service or help department with your current provider is falling short.

Want to Learn More About Industrial Impulse Welding Technology?

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