Meet Brent Nussbaum, Miller Weldmaster's New President

June 17, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Miller Weldmaster has appointed Brent Nussbaum as our new President, effective immediately.

     Brent N

Mr. Nussbaum has been with Miller Weldmaster over 21 years. He began his career at Miller Weldmaster as a student in a co-op program. He has had the opportunity to work in many facets of the organization including; manufacturing, field service, engineering and sales. Mr. Nussbaum’s accomplishments in operations and engineering made him the natural choice to become our new company president.

If you haven’t met Brent Nussbaum yet, we’re excited to help you to get to know him better as he takes over the role of president. Recently, Erica Eckel our Marketing Coordinator, sat down with him to hear more about his leadership style, importance of culture, and his vision for the future.


Eckel: Can you tell me a little about your life?

Nussbaum: My wife Brittany is an occupational therapist and we have been married for 14 years. We have 3 children Gabrielle (10), Colton (7) and Izabelle (4). We also have 2 horses and a dog. I have traveled to over 20 countries but have never lived further than 5 miles from Miller Weldmaster. Our family enjoys the great outdoors and you can often find us hiking, fishing, bike riding, running, or riding horses.


Eckel: For those unfamiliar with Miller Weldmaster, can you describe what the company does?

Nussbaum: We build equipment that welds flexible thermoplastic material for various types of industries around the world. We have a full range of equipment from hot air to hot wedge and impulse welding machines. We pride ourselves in being able to take a concept from a simple sketch on the back of a napkin to a full working solution for your company. We have an array of standard equipment product offerings, but what really sets us apart is our automation knowledge.


Eckel: What is the history of Miller Weldmaster?

Nussbaum: We are very proud of our deeply rooted legacy. The land that Miller Weldmaster sits on has been in the family for over 200 years. In the early 1800’s, the land was gifted to the grandfather of Al Miller, our late founder, for being a member of George Washington’s “Life Guard”. The Miller name means a lot in the community as well as our industry, representing integrity, honesty and honor.

Al Miller got his start in this industry by being known as a “fixer”. In 1972 a family friend that owned a truck tarp and awning business had a concern about his end product and asked Al for his help. He told Al that he was buying the best waterproof material on the market, yet sewing it together created holes throughout the product. Al set to work trying to solve his friend’s problem. He developed a prototype of his first heat sealing machine that was successful in bonding thermal plastics that are used in the awning and tarp industry.


Eckel: What lessons have you learned from the previous presidents?

Nussbaum: I’ve had the unique opportunity in my career to work with all three generations of Millers. When I started, I was able to work side by side with our late founder, Al Miller. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to design, build and install with him. The work ethic he instilled in me, also runs deep throughout the culture of this company.

After Al retired, his son Scott Miller, took the reins. Scott did a fantastic job of growing the business. His primary focus was on people. Scott knew that if we took care of our people first, our people would take care of our customers, and our customers would ultimately take care of the business. Under his leadership and key strategic partnerships, we now have machines in over 100 countries.

As president, I look forward to mentoring the Miller grandchildren coming up through the business today. I hope to continue to instill the Miller work ethic, vision and culture.


Eckel: What do you enjoy most about your position?

Nussbaum: One of the unique things about Miller Weldmaster is that we work with an extremely diverse customer base. One day we may meet with a small business owner who is buying a new piece of equipment which may be the biggest capital investment they’ve ever made. The following day it may be with a Fortune 500 company. Regardless of who you are, when you walk through the front door, you get treated exactly the same.

Another amazing benefit of Miller Weldmaster is that when you buy a machine, you’re also receiving hundreds of years of combined support and service experience from our team. It’s an exceptionally good day when the equipment you’ve been involved with from the beginning comes to fruition: From those early conversations and drawings, through engineering and manufacturing, to the customer coming back in to train on their investment. It is rewarding to see how we helped to transform our customers business for the better.

FX100 hot air duct welder close up“I’m incredibly humbled to be in this position. Miller Weldmaster is much more than an equipment manufacturer. I love it when people come through our doors and we get to show them who we are. Not just as a company, but as a culture. I look forward the most to helping my teammates grow in both their personal and professional lives.”


Eckel: What are your goals for the future of the company?

Nussbaum: My goal is to continue the momentum and growth that we’ve been experiencing.  I’m looking forward to finding new avenues for progress and furthering our technology advances. I want to be able to provide our customers with everything they need. Whether that is welding equipment or any type of converting equipment to help increase quality, and improve productivity.

At Miller Weldmaster we really pride ourselves in coming up with solutions that originally, no one thought was possible. We engage the years of experience and years of knowledge in this building, and roundtable a solution. It’s really neat to be a part of an organization that hates to tell a customer we can’t help them. I love this business. I love everything that goes on in these walls. I want to be able to support our team and make sure they know that they have a family here. I look forward the most to helping our teammates grow in both their personal and professional lives.


Eckel: What sets Miller Weldmaster apart?

Nussbaum: Our culture. The most important part of my role is how we treat you from when you walk through the front door to how we respond to the questions regarding your new machine. I want you to know that when you work with Miller Weldmaster you are getting a real group of individuals and not a façade. We will be there for you and your business because we truly care. It’s why I invite you to come visit our facility. You will feel like family immediately; I can promise you that.


Though former president, Scott Miller, has passed the reigns to new leadership, Mr. Miller will continue to serve as the owner and actively support the company’s mission.

For additional details on the news, please see our official press release.

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