Service Spotlight: Meet Chad!

April 24, 2023

Miller Weldmaster works hard to provide our customers with the best service possible!  From installation and service technicians to phone or email questions and service parts, Miller Weldmaster has a full support staff on call to help our customers.  

When customers call Miller Weldmaster, they can rest assured that they will have a qualified and experienced team member on the other end.  One of our most tenured employees, Chad, along with Andy, is there to answer every call and email that comes into service.  From there, they either order the parts for you, help you troubleshoot your machine, or arrange for a tech to come out and visit you. And when we say tenured, we mean tenured

How long has Chad been with Miller Weldmaster?

Chad has worked with Miller Weldmaster for 25 years!  That goes back to 1998, a completely different time in history as well as with Miller Weldmaster.  Prior to Miller Weldmaster expanding our international reach to our EU office and before the internet and social media have grown to what it is today!  Chad has been with Miller Weldmaster in the nitty gritty and has stuck around the whole time!  Helping us grow and our customers keep their machines up and running!

Throwback chad circle-1

What positions has he held while his time at MW?

What has led to his success and helpfulness on the service side steamed from his previous positions at Miller Weldmaster.  While he has been on Service Team for quite some time,  Chad has had many other roles during his 25 years.   

Chad has worked his way through the production process.  Having once been on the Painting Team, a Fabricator, and a member of the Accessories department.  This means, Chad has been a part of every stage of the production process.  From the building of the machine to the accessories, Chad has done it all!  So when customers call in to ask for questions or troubleshoot, they can be sure that the person on the other end of the phone knows their machine and knows what they are talking about!

Fabricator Chad

What led Chad to work with Miller Weldmaster?

As many of our customers and visitors know, Miller Weldmaster is located in a very rural area.  So how have we been able to find and keep such knowledgeable employees for 25 years?  We are located in Stark County, Ohio which is home to an amazing Trade School Network.

Along with Chad, Miller Weldmaster has worked with trade schools to hire students and workers of the Trade programs to help expand our staff.  We are lucky enough to have RG Drage right down the road from our facilities which is a Career Technical school for high school students in the area.  Along with Chad, Miller Weldmaster has been fortunate enough to continue to gain valuable employees from such organizations.  

Why has Chad stuck around for 25 years? 

Chad KarrenbauerThe people and the work.  While Miller Weldmaster has grown over the years, we have worked to keep a positive and uplifting workplace.  Keeping it fun and different every day!  Aside from the people, the challenge and work are what kept Chad around MW for 25 years. Solving problems and helping customers find a solution for their machines. 

If you have ever called our Resolution Center or emailed, you probably talked to Chad.  Having 25 years of experience, Miller Wedlmaster is thankful and fortunate to have such an employee.  Thank you, Chad for your years of service, for helping our customers, and for being a valued co-worker.  Cheers to many more!



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