Silicone Edge Graphics: A Refined Approach to Displays

October 12, 2016

If you’ve been to a trade show recently, you probably saw a booth that used silicon edge graphics without even knowing what they were. This is an up and coming trend in several industries, including trade shows and retail stores.

What are they?

Silicone Edge Graphics, or SEG, are a clean-looking display solution created by printing on fabric using either dye sublimation or direct-to-fabric graphic printing. This fabric then has a thin silicone strip sewn into the edges. The fabric is then stretched and fitted into a sturdy frame, with the silicone strip inserted into a small groove along the sides. This stretches the graphic out and makes it look seamless to passersby. This has been created as an alternative to rigid panel graphics, such as posterboard, easels, and other such rigid displays.

What are the benefits to SEG?

SEG are becoming more popular all the time because they have so many benefits against traditional displays. Just a few are:

  1. The cost of transport/shipping:
    Shipping a sheet of fabric that can be folded and a lightweight frame is easier and cheaper than transporting large posterboards, hanging graphics, and adhesive options. Because they’re able to be folded, this also makes them easy and space-efficient to store when not on display
  2. Easy to install:
    Putting up SEG displays takes mere minutes – simply sliding the silicone edge into a thin slot on the edge is all installation takes. Compared to setting up large rigid displays, this saves a lot of time and energy!
  3. Sublimated graphics:
    A display with graphics that run seamlessly to the edge of the frame looks cleaner and smoother than one made of separated boards. In many cases, this kind of printing can be washed or steamed traditionally, and is longer-lasting than a poster might be. Your graphics will stay bright and clean for a long time!
  4. Versatility
    When you create a new graphic that you want to display, you can easily swap out a new printed fabric sheet for the old one, rather than having to recreate your entire display from scratch.

Miller Weldmaster’s Digitran SEG Machine

At Miller Weldmaster, we’re always on the cutting edge of welding and display creation, so we created our Digitran machine with SEG creation in mind. This precise machine uses sensors to accurately place silicone strips along the edge of graphics while also welding and sewing the hem around the banner. It can be operated with a single person, and intuitively creates smooth SEG edges to make your graphics look as polished as possible!

If you’re interested in learning more about SEG displays, or how the Miller Weldmaster Digitran machine can help you create them, check out the Digitran in action or contact us for more information!

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