Top Trends in the Ducting Market

July 20, 2015

Flexible Ducting and Fabric Ducting

Sheet metal used to be the go-to material for ductwork because of its durability and long life. Metal ducts need adequate space and must be appropriately sized to match a heating and cooling system. Flexible ducts, the new trend, are made out of corrugated plastic and are usually wrapped in insulation. While they might not last as long as the sheet metal ducts, they are very cost-effective. Flexible ducts are especially attractive because of their versatility – their shape and size allow them to be installed in locations where sheet metal ductwork cannot be.

Whole Home Approach to Energy Conservation

Whether metal or fabric, ductwork carries hot and cold air from the HVAC equipment to rooms throughout a building. The ductwork is often overlooked – as long as the HVAC equipment is working and the indoor environment is comfortable, the building owners are happy. These building owners would be surprised to find out that most ductwork leaks about one-third or more of conditioned air into attics and other building spaces before it ever reaches its final destination. Therefore, the HVAC system must work harder and longer, consuming more energy, to heat or cool a building.

As a result of leaking ductwork, the design and performance of duct systems have recently overtaken efficiency as the primary concern for many HVAC technicians. Additionally, building codes are focusing on existing air distribution systems as the cause for energy loss and are recommending the use of properly sealed insulated duct systems as the solution. Most insulated products like fiberglass duct board and flexible duct have the added benefits of being mold resistant and requiring no large investment for manufacture or installation.

Remote Monitoring and Control

We’re willing to bet you could have easily guessed this latest trend, especially with the vast amount of T.V. commercials for smarter homes and wireless products you can control from anywhere using your phone.

As consumers are becoming more energy-conscious, heating and cooling products must keep up with these demands and be more energy-efficient. This concept just conveniently happens to coincide with the latest craze for smart, wireless devices.


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