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Polyethylene Welding

Polyethylene welding for geomembrane application

Miller Weldmaster is the only proven finishing equipment for successful high density polyethylene welding. Miller Weldmaster has been successfully welding polyethylene in the agricultural and geomembrane industries for over 30 years, and is excited to see the sign industry adopting polyethylene into their line of print media. Our skilled technicians and sales team members can work with you to create the ideal polyethylene welder for your application.

Why are sign makers using polyethylene?

  • Fast welding speeds
  • Light weight fabric
  • Low cost fabric
  • Green product

Take a look at the M-100 PE Poster Board polyethylene welding system:

  • Completely automated finishing system
  • Cutting, pocketing, hemming, punching, and grommeting
  • Fastest welding speeds in the industry

Feel free to contact us and ask any questions you may have about polyethylene welding or our polyethylene welders.