Double-Wall Fabric Welding

Double-wall or drop stitch fabric is becoming increasingly popular with applications such as inflatables, paddle boards, gym mats, and more. It’s a coated nylon joined by thousands of vertical fibers that are uniform in size. When double wall fabric is welded into the desired shape and pressurized with air, it is transformed into a strong, hard surface.

Double-wall fabric benefits:

Double-wall fabrics can be used to manufacture inflatable products that are lightweight and easy to transport yet are rigid and structurally stable.

  • Created using a 3D weaving process
  • Has a smooth surface structure
  • 85% more tensile strength than knitted drop-stitch fabric
  • Favorable adhesion during the welding process
Products produced using double-wall fabrics include:
  • Paddle Boards
  • Inflatable Boat Bottoms
  • Athletic Mats
  • Water Mats
  • Air Tracks
  • Inflatable Dock Systems
  • Cushions to Secure Cargo
  • Work Tents
  • Inflatable Molds
  • Absorbtion Cushions
  • and more… 
With the characteristics of this material combined with the welding process, the possibilities are endless. Is double-wall fabric right for your applications
Double-Wall Welding Machines

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