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Increase Packaging Production with Bag Sealing Machine- PS150

By weldadmin | February 20, 2019


Read the Q&A below with Kent Nutrition after they purchased a hot air welding machine to seal their pet food bags at a higher speed with a consistent high quality output. Kent Nutrition was an amazing customer to work with from beginning to end. They take pride in their customer’s products and we had a pleasure of helping them improve their production line. Read how they describe their new production line with the PS150.

Miller Weldmaster: Who is Kent Nutrition?

Kent Nutrition: The Kent Nutrition Group is one of the most trusted and prominent pet and animal nutrition brands in the country. We produce mainly pet feeds, animal feeds, horse feed, and anything that can be fed to an animal. With the history of innovation in animal nutrition, we work every day to enrich the lives of those who raise and care for animals – whether for livestock, horses, pets or small animals.

Miller Weldmaster: What kind of bags do you use?

Kent Nutrition: At the Arcade Facility of the Kent Nutrition Group, we use different kinds of poly-woven bags, poly-woven bags with glue, paper bags and several varieties of paper bags.

Miller Weldmaster: How did the search begin for a new bag sealing machine?

Kent Nutrition: The previous machine we used had created a lot of challenges in many aspects. Like any company, we would get complaints from customers on different products and also about the quality of our bags. So, the need for a better machine arose.

Miller Weldmaster: Which bag sealing machine did you acquired?

Kent Nutrition: We purchased Miller Weldmaster’s PS150.  This machine is built for speed, efficiency and precision. The PS150 is designed to weld and seal poly-woven, thermoplastic and paper bags. It integrated right into our existing packaging line.

Miller Weldmaster: How has this machine helped your business?

Kent Nutrition: We have been able to handle higher production rates and ultimately stepped up our production thanks to this amazing machine. It can effectively handle multiple shift production, it is digitally controlled for quick production startup, it has a quick-change folding system for size and type of fold, our operators can pretty much set it up in minimal time and start sealing bags right away.

Miller Weldmaster: Any downtime with the machine since you’ve had it?

Kent Nutrition: Not at all. We inspect It daily, which is usually run on a night shift. The Weldmaster PS150 unit is durable and long lasting, it was clearly built by people who are committed to creating a quality product, it is designed for multiple decade use.

With the Miller Weldmaster PS150, we have been able to precisely fold our clean straight folds to the satisfaction of our customers, easily change the system for varying fold type and size. It does everything that we ask it to and we don’t have to make changes because its limited to a certain bag, it’s extremely flexible and adaptive and enables synchronization with our converting line. The Weldmaster unit has a management system that easily recalls different batches carried out on the machine.

Miller Weldmaster: How would you describe Miller Weldmaster’s service department?

Kent Nutrition: Their service department are very easy to work with and they service our machine perfectly. With their fast response from a live person, field service engineer staffed and resolution center, and several trained staff for service and support, we have nothing to worry about and can rest assured.Their service department has helped us a few times and they’ve shown their commitment to us and our business.

Miller Weldmaster: Would you recommend MW to another company?

Kent Nutrition: Absolutely. Miller Weldmaster in my years of working experience is one of the best vendors from a reliability and service standpoint. I’m happy to have found this machine and it’s nice to have a machine with such quality and durability. I definitely recommend them to other companies.


“I wouldn’t have any other machine on my plant if not the Miller Weldmaster PS150, and I wish we had discovered the machine sooner.” –Kent Nutrition



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