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Upgrading From a Handheld Tool to a Fabric Welding Machine

By Alexis | March 16, 2015

Considering the variety of welding processes and equipment available, selecting the right combination for your operation can be a difficult decision. Matching the best process and handheld tools or fabric welding machines can be the difference between a profit and a loss. Not only does selecting the right equipment improve the likelihood of profit, but also it can save production hours and reduce downtime.

Producing a quality product with a quality weld should be one of your highest priorities since quality products make happy customers. Therefore, when determining if it’s time to upgrade from handheld tools to fabric welding machines to improve both your business and your product, here’s a list of important factors to consider:

  1. Goals. What do you currently do and how do you want to improve your process or product?
  2. Product Quality. Is your product currently dependable for a short time or for decades? Is your product currently designed to withstand rough use? How might a welding machine improve the quality of your product?
  3. Fabric. What type of fabric can your tools weld versus the type of fabric machines can weld?
  4. Purchase and Operating Costs. Would the money spent on maintenance of tools be better spent on a new machine? Is now the time to make a new investment?
  5. Production Speed. Would a larger machine help increase production speed and allow you more time for other areas of the business? Do you have the ability to grow your workforce to keep up with faster production?
  6. Skills. Does your workforce have the capabilities required to operate larger machines?
  7. Size. Does your current facility have room for larger machines or will you have to invest in a new space first?
  8. Portability. Can you bring the work to the welder, or does the welder need to go to the work?

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