Automate Production of Filter Tubes and Bags

Automated filter production has never been easier. From sewing to welding, there is a solution to fit your production demand.  These machines are designed to be precise and continuous for increased output of top quality filter applications.

Non-woven filter tubes, hose and bags can be welded or sewn depending upon your specific needs. Any systems can be fully automated with unwinds, accumulators, print technology, cut to length, rewinds and more…

Below you will see several options for automating your filtration applications including filter tubes and filter bags. Still have questions? Contact one of our automated specialist to discuss your production and potential options.




Configured to produce desired filtration tubes and bags

This complete system can be fully customizable! Add unwinds, rewinds, take away with automated sweep system, welding, sewing, printing and more…

  • AUTOMATED – Hands free, continuous operation for high speed filter tube finishing
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – Fully customizable with multiple stations for complete versatility in your filter production
  • VERSATILE – Configured for almost any size diameter with cut to length precision


Automated sewing solution for Filter Tubes

A complete tube sewing system is designed and built for the production of filter tubes, bags and CIPP. This solution can be built specific to your production requirements. It can come off roll, sew, cut to length or rewind.

  • AUTOMATED – Hands free, continuous operation for high speed filter tube finishing
  • EASY TO USE – Loaded material and thread with precise guiding system makes this solution easy to use
  • INDUSTRIAL SEWING – Stitch configuration can be set to meet your needs


Automated ultrasonic system for finishing filter tube ends

Easily radius weld the ends of filter bags for a fully automated system. Combine ultrasonic welding to any T300 continuous system for a complete solution finishing multiple size diameter tubes

  • MATERIAL HANDLING – Multiple roll material unwinds reduce material handling
  • VERSATILITY – Combine both hot air and ultrasonic welding for full product versatility
  • HOT AIR WELDING – Allows for fast, continuous welding for all filter tubes and bags


Automated Machines for the Production of Filter Tubes and Bags