As a global leader, Miller Weldmaster continues to challenge the industry standard by reinforcing our company’s core value, which is designing and innovating products that serve any manufacturing needs. Our custom, automated machines are specifically designed to meet your production needs while keeping your production and payback concerns in mind.

We work with you and your team on developing a machine that will meet your production demand and produce top quality products for your customer!

” The machinery Miller Weldmaster provides is always built beyond expectations. The level of automation, the functionality and the superb craftsmanship is impeccable.”


Choose your industry to see automated solutions designed to take your production to the next level!


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Multiple capabilities available to meet every need. Choose what’s best for your operation.

Most of our custom, automated machines are built with multiple capabilities to provide the most efficient production solution. Each system is designed based on your specific needs.  Learn more

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Automation Facts

We are with you every step of the way!

We understand this can be overwhelming but we are here to help you maximize your production efficiencies and reduce any added expense that can be eliminated by automating your manufacturing process. The process to conceptualize, design and build your machine is streamlined to ensure we do not overlook any details.

Below is a quick overview of some of the things we will look at as we move through this process.

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Automation Steps


What is Autobond?

Autobond is 40 plus years of experience in automated converting machines for hot air and hot wedge welding.  It is the development of a combined 125 years of experience from our automation team; it was designed to encompass most any request from our growing number of customers in countless industries.  This product family was designed to run with little assistance from an operator, while doing the job of multiple operators, in faster time, with greater accuracy, and with more throughputs.


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