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Vinyl Welding

Miller Weldmaster has long been a leader in manufacturing heat sealing and vinyl welding machines. We’ve used our over 40 years of experience to manufacture machines that assist in welding vinyl fabric and other industrial fabric materials. Whether you choose our hot air, hot wedge or impulse welding machines, we have a machine that will help you weld the vinyl films used in your application.


Commonly Welded Vinyl Products


Why use vinyl for welding?

Vinyl films are a popular material suitable for welding a variety of different applications. The awning, banner, sign and tent industries choose vinyl films for these benefits:

  • Oil and chemical resistance
  • Exceptional durability
  • Exceptional mechanical and chemical strength
  • Fire retardant properties


Vinyl Welding Machines

Contact us with any questions you may have about how to weld vinyl fabric or about our PVC welding machine options.


The T300 line of industrial fabric welders are small, heavy duty machines for any industry. With variants for specific industrial need, and full customization options, the T300 machines are great for the simple, but effective production facility.

T300 Edge


The T600 line takes the specificity and versatility of the T300 lines and amplifies it for larger-format productions. These machines are larger and capable of handling large loads of vinyl fabric while still creating perfect seams every time.

Miscellaneous Vinyl Welders

While the T300 and T600 lines of welders are great for welding vinyl fabrics, some of our other machines have similar capabilities. The machines below are suitable for your specific vinyl welding applications.

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