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Cured-in-Place Pipeline Automated Welding Solutions

  • Automated solutions for cured-in-place pipeline (CIPP) and rehabilitation tube welding and sewing solutions have produced millions of linear feet worldwide. These fully automated solutions will manufacture liner for restoring structural integrity of pipeline. CIPP is used in many applications including sanitary sewers, storm sewers, industrial pipelines and more.

Each machine is fully customizable and can produce either single layer or double layer liners. Each solution can weld, sew or incorporate a combination of both to produce continuous feet of liner. Configured for overlap or butt seam which allows for uniform thickness of each tube.

Non-woven, felt liners or coated with polypropylene, polyurethane, polyethylene or PVC coated materials can easily be formed into a tube with multiple diameters to provide full production versatility. An automated solution will increase your output and decrease your labor allowing you to provide an affordable, long-term solution to your customers.

Below you will see several options both sewing and welding for automating your cured-in-place-pipeline and calibration tubes. Still have questions? Contact one of our automated specialist to discuss your production and potential option.



Configured for single layer CIPP and tubing

This single layer solution will weld or sew a roll of fabric into a rehabilitation tube and can be configured to apply tape to top and bottom of the sewn seam making the seam waterproof.

  • AUTOMATED – Hands free, continuous operation for high speed filter tube finishing
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – Fully customizable with multiple stations for complete versatility
  • VERSATILE – Configured for almost any size diameter with cut to length precision

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Single layer CIPP liners Welding Machine


Sew and weld double layer rehabilitation tubes

Weld or sew both layers together automatically inline simultaneously. Save time improving consistency and increasing quality with this fully customizable solution for CIPP liners

  • INTEGRATED – Integrate sewing lines into any system
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – Fully customizable with multiple stations for complete versatility
  • MATERIAL HANDLING – Allow your material to flow thru a complete, automated system with precision controls for improving efficiencies and reducing operator material handling

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Continuously sew Cured In Place Pipeline

Want to increase your production speeds and increase ouput of your CIPP liners? Check out this simple, automated solution designed to sew your single layer CIPP. Each machine is designed specifically to meet your needs and can be versatile to accommodate multiple size nonwoven tubes.

  • HIGH SPEED – Hands free, high speed sewing for cipp liners
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – Fully customizable with multiple stations for complete versatility

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Cured-in-Place Pipeline Automated Welding Solutions

Calibration tube line welding machine


Continuously weld calibration tubes and hoses

Calibration tubes are a key component to liner replacements with the primary purpose to keep the liner inflated until it is cured. No matter if it is for ambient temperature curing, hot water or steam curing calibration tubes produced on an automated line remain flexible and can be made to multiple sizes.

  • HIGH SPEED – Hands free, hot air welding for high speed calibration hoses
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – Fully customizable with multiple stations for complete versatility
  • MATERIAL HANDLING – Configured with unwinds and rewinds for reduced material handling and professionally wound products

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Automated Solutions for CIPP Liners and Calibration Tubes